08 December 2012

We're Here, We're Here, We're Here!!

Did you know that I am now two pounds over my heaviest weight ever? Oh, it's humbling, to say the least. I make sure to remind my nurse that I'm "doubly pregnant" at every single appointment. She doesn't seem to judge too harshly. I plan to lose between 20 and 30 in FIVE DAYS. I am so, so, so excited. There's the baby thing, and then there's the "here comes the freight train that used to be Mommy" thing. Lucy and I hung out tonight and I said, "We have just five days until we get to meet the babies!" and she replied, "Yeah, and you won't have that big belly anymore!" Yayyyyy!!! I just can't believe the amount of effort it takes carrying around an extra 45 pounds. I am terribly excited about so many things that have to do with getting rid of this belly! 

But mostly, I am so excited about meeting these babies. One year ago today, I posted this blog entry. 365 days later, that nursery is ready for two little boys. Can you even believe what can happen in 365 days? Any moment now, we're going to meet two more amazing Cookelets! 365 days ago, our plan was to "wait a few years, see what happened, maybe get a dog." Today we have a one-year-old Great Dane and two sons ready to meet their family. The blessings of children are indescribable, and this blessing takes the cake. Last year we had a wonderful Baby's First Christmas with a sweet little giftwrap-eating redhead. In just two weeks we'll be celebrating TWO MORE Baby First Christmases with two tiny elves. God is so, so, so good to us. His blessings just swirl all over our family. 

There are concerns, to be sure. I am about to undergo what is considered to be a riskier surgery than usual. I'm a little nervous, but Andrew will be there. He's my c-section buddy and I trust him to make the right decisions, should I not be able to. Our surgical team is prepared for extra bleeding, uncontrollable bleeding and a "considerably longer" surgery. Due to the size of my uterus and the strain that 54cm can put on a mama, Dr. M is prepared to work longer to make sure everything starts getting back to normal. There is a chance my uterus won't have the tone to get back to it's normal size on it's own, and they're ready with extra drugs for that. He doesn't seem too concerned, but there is always the chance that we may have to make a bigger decision than we'd like, 4 c-sections and a multiples pregnancy after the fact. We trust the God knows our family and He knows what we need. Only time will tell what that is. After all, last year we thought it was three kids and a potential dog! Having an extra baby just means we have an extra guardian angel in the room, so that's fine with me. :-) 

We decided today that we'll tackle the surgery first and that we will not be making calls or announcements until all four of us are back in our room together. I want Andrew's undivided attention for the surgery, and then I want to focus on the babies, and THEN we'll start making calls. I am very excited about telling the world about our babies, and I can't wait to share our joy with the world, but I worked really hard for these two and I want to be there for the phone calls and messages and fun! You can expect to hear all the details by dinnertime on Friday - IF we can even wait that long! I am just dying to meet these little guys! 

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