17 December 2012

Pajamas, Grandma and Camels?

There is a large christian school near our neighborhood that hosts a live nativity. It brings back memories of when us Cooke kids participated in live Nativity scenes at our parishes growing up. I remember playing in hay with my siblings in make-shift stables with wooden animal cutouts a plastic baby Jesus in the cold cold Maryland Decembers...

This school? They do it right. So we walked over late last night with the three girls...

They use a baseball field backstop and put a starry night backdrop up (with working, twinkling, lights), build a 2-story high stable scene and have live sheep, horses, goats, donkeys, calves, actors (incl. baby Jesus) and yes... camels. Three (3) to be exact. Those are some HUGE animals. You cannot see in this picture but Grandma is standing on a haystack (that took some convincing) to get as high as this camel for the picture.

Five minutes before this picture, the camel reached over and almost nibbled on Molly's head as Grandma held Molly over a nearby fence to pet some sheep. (Woops!)

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