28 December 2012

Oozing Thankfulness.

I started this 9 months ago. I'm finishing it tonight.

So by now you all know that my mother-in-law just left two days ago after spending 3 months with us. Yes. Three. Long. Months. She survived Claire, Stone AND my pregnancy and is safely back in Maryland now. We are already missing her desperately!

Sue is such a special lady and we had so much fun while she was here. She is one of those people who is so incredibly empathetic that you wonder if she ever does anything for herself. I can confirm that she had exactly two haircuts and two massages and that was the full extent of her "me time." She hit the ground running at exactly 6am every morning, and took care of us until 10:30pm every night. She got Lucy up at 6:30, sent Andrew and Lucy out the door with packed lunches and kisses at 7:15, got the little girls settled on the couch in the early morning with their (chocolate) milk cups and Disney channel and then got herself ready for the day. She did laundry, made beds, fed and dressed the kids, brought me water and tylenol, answered the door, fetched Lucy from the bus, did the grocery shopping and drove me to appointments, cleaned the entire house, cooked dinner, painted bedrooms, decorated for the holidays, prepared for the twins, played with the kids, put up with the dog, counted contractions and generally acted the superhero.

What would we have done without her?! It has been nine months since the boys joined us, and one year since sue can it to care for us. Her little touches are still scattered around the house and some of the systems she put into place still make more sense than my own. It's hard living away from family, no doubt. One of the hardest things about it is not having small memories of the ones you love. The months we shared while we waited for the boys filled us with wonderful memories, and that is something I won't soon forget. <3

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