04 December 2012

Laura? Pity party of one?

I really wish my rational side had been in labor and delivery with me today. I'm fairly certain I would have slapped crying, hormonal Laura across the face and yelled, "Get ahold of yourself, you weepy freak!"

And then I would I have lectured her.

"So you're crying....why? Because you have to endure another ten days of carrying twins? Is it the whole massive gift from God that's getting you down? Or are you just crying because you're having two? I know that's got to be a nightmare, conceiving two babies spontaneously when people across the world are praying every night that they can have one. Must be just terrible! Is it the fact that you've been sitting in one position for five hours? That's gotta be hell, considering you haven't had all the practice most moms of multiples get on strict bedrest...really sorry about that...I suppose you could be upset about all these contractions while the babies are kicking so hard. I'm sure things would be far easier if they couldn't kick, right? Or maybe you're just bummed out because you're not at home? You know, that spacious home full of adorable kids? Is it because you have to go home and handle everything there after a long day at the hospital? No, that's probably not it, considering your mother-in-law is handling all of that like a saint..."

And then I would slap me a second time for being a giant pain. And I'd lean in real close and murmur, "Get it together, you whiny woman. You're better than this."

Sure wish rational Laura had been there today...

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Lisa Marie said...

you have a right to feel a little crazy right now my dear! ;) You are handling it like a champ, there's no way I could do all you've done and maintain your composure! as my Mom said- and she's the one living with you-- "she's handling this so well, it's really admirable." I believe her! Hang in there sweetie!! it'll feel like forever I know but it'll be SO SOON!! :)