11 December 2012

Just a little update.

Three sleeps til twin time!! Wahoo!! I am so excited!! Tomorrow is our last full day with Daddy at work and no baby things to do, as Thursday is our pre-op. After our pre-op I'm officially considered admitted and ready to go, even though I'll sleep here Thursday night. I may go to ENDOW on Thursday night, if I'm feeling good. I've liked having Andrew drive me. It's fun riding with him, chatting in the car, running errands late at night,etc. He is just so cute. And funny. And cute.

Tomorrow I'm not doing a thing. Today we had a big day out and went to my mom's group Advent party and then to Target for a few sundry items and then to Chili's for lunch. I can't decide what the very best part of the day was. It was either being on the winning Advent jeopardy team (Holla! Team Merry!) or it wad Claire sitting through lunch like a perfect angel. Tough call.

I would like to have the babies tomorrow on 12/12/12, so ideally ny water will break in about three hours. I've been praying like crazy, but I'm not sure this request is on God's list of top priorities. I could technically wake up in the am and have my water break and still squeeze a delivery in, but I was hoping for tonight, knowing how the OR can often push surgeries back. Better t be safe than sorry. My fingers are still crossed!

Well, the babies are moving like crazy and something in my belly keeps clicking. It sounds like Morse code. I wish I knew Morse code...the babies could be talking to me right now and I'd have no idea...it's probably something important about delivering them tomorrow, and my lack of knowledge is going to leave me in the dark and the day will pass without incident. It would figure.

Is there any way to encourage your water to break, or is it just a dumb luck kind of thing???

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Jennifer Merkel said...

LOVE the picture of Sue and Molly!
And you know...God is good, all the time.
He knows the boys' birthday!