20 December 2012

A Day in the Life of a Male Model.

Have you ever wondered if there was more to life, other than being really, really, ridiculously good looking?
 - Derek Zoolander

So today we had a little adventure. We took the boys to Legacy Studios in Keller for Barbara Berry to use them in her newborn class. It was just adorable. I actually learned a lot, too, just watching! Doing in within the first week is important, as Barbara says they're sort of like clay before they start to figure out how much they like stretching out. Watching her work was super interesting, as she's just incredibly talented at making the babies do exactly what she wants. 

Max displays his complete indifference. (Grandma made them ID bracelets, because while we can usually remember what they're wearing, they've grown out of their hospital bracelets and once they're naked it takes a whole lot of "um, no...I'm pretty sure that one's Max. Look at his nose! No, well, that nose is pretty close too..." The bracelets only come off at bath time, and we take great pains to bathe them one at a time, one in the room at a time.)

Everyone decided to come along so that we could go out to lunch after, but we didn't realize that the boys would be "busy" for three hours. Daddy and Grandma were very good sports and took they girls to the bouncy place for awhile to let the boys do their thing. 

The boys hopped into their pea pods and slept hard for about the first hour and a half, letting Barbara gets some really great pictures before the class began. The second half of the session was for everyone to watch her work. 

Max was NOT about getting naked, but we explained to him that he's really too young for such high standards. 

By this time they were both pooping, peeing, burping, really living it up! 

Sweet Santa Baby Miles. 

Thankfully, the sweet little models were so exhausted after three hours of pooping that they slept straight through lunch and right to four o'clock, making for a very fun lunch and a very quiet afternoon! 

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Thanks for sharing. Beautiful photos. I hope you both are getting some sleep.