14 December 2012

9 years ago I met a skinny, floppy-haired boy on the Upper Quad. Fall at FSU is for falling in love, isn't it? He had huge dreams and believed that he was just swimming in luck. He told me that things just happened to him, and I believed him. By the time I got that first kiss, I was convinced that he was right. I had to be surrounded by some pretty powerful luck to find a boy who could kiss like that. I knew within days that I was going to marry that boy, and I'm happy to report that his luck follows us to this day.

When I think on all the things we've been given and the experiences we've had, it's clear that not even luck could have given us the gifts we have today. There has to be a higher power. Luck could never have reached down and touched 5 sweet souls into being. Luck cannot possibly be responsible for the fact that our marriage has grown from a great potential into a home for so many miracles. There must be something more.

When I think forward to this afternoon, I know that luck will be with us. I am, after all, married to a very lucky boy. But to bring two souls crying out of the belly of an average girl, there must be more. Anyone can grow a body, but it takes the finger of God to breathe life into that body. Today we will hear TWO new souls take their first breaths, and I know we be surrounded by a legion of angels who've been waiting for this very moment.

I can't help but feel a little nervous, but my faith has shown me that the biggest miracles are never just a case of luck. This chapter is deeply rooted in the story He continues to write for that boy and I.

In just a few hours, that boy's lips will rest on my forehead as we breathlessly await the cries of two shiny, new souls. Not one lucky little boy, but two. Can you even imagine the joy of hearing your baby's first cry, and then hearing it all over again just minutes later? That's the kind of luck you can take to the bank.

I love you, Andrew. When you told me nine years ago that you had great things ahead of you, I knew you were right. I knew I'd be a fool to miss out on the life you'd lead. I could tell you were meant for great things, but I sure didn't know you'd be doing them two at a time.

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