18 November 2012

from lastNovember.

We put up our Christmas decorations today, and will work on the tree this week sometime. I love Christmas so much, and at a time when I'm really missing Grandma, it's so nice to be able to play her music and surround myself with cozy Christmas love. Our plan was "just make it to Thanksgiving and then it's baby time," so decorating for the holidays is a HUGE mental step for me. Now, it's baby time. I know I still have two weeks before I can start wishing them out, but just being into the holiday season makes me feel better. 

I had been thinking about making or buying stockings for the boys for the past few weeks, not really sure what I wanted to do. Maybe order them online, maybe not...maybe sew them, maybe not...who knows...Tonight I was unpacking Christmas decorations and I started pulling out the stockings, and I thought, "Oh man, I still haven't made a decision about stockings for the boys." I know I want 7 stockings hanging up on Christmas Eve. This Christmas is just so exciting for us, and I want everything to feel right. 7 stockings is important to me. 

So out comes Daddy's...a beautiful stocking made of red plaid lining and quilting cotton with fishing rods and the like. Somehow it's very holiday-ish in a "we always spend Christmas at the cabin" way. 

Then comes Mommy's. Made with love by my mom a few years ago (so she could keep my childhood stocking, I think) with gorgeous angels all over it.

Lucy's is next, with tiny Christmas roses and green flannel lining. Also made by Mom. 

Out comes Molly's - a red knitted stocking with red sequins on it. Just perfect for Mo. Claire's is last, a soft green stocking with a big "C" beaded on the front. I piled them all on the couch and looked into the box to see what was left. 

And what was left was 2 red stockings. Nothing special, just those cheap, red felt stockings. I have no idea why they were in there, as I don't think we've even used them for anything, but there they were. One for Max, one for Miles. There might as well have been a sticky note from God on them - "Laura, I'm sure by now you must know that if I'm going to send two perfect gifts, I can handle a couple of stockings. Love, God." 

I wonder what I would have thought if I'd noticed them in the box as I was putting decorations away last year. Probably nothing, just piled things on top of them. But as I look at how our life journeys on, it's so clear that the life I live was so perfectly meant to be. Everything has been placed in perfect order by Someone whose planner doesn't have things scratched out, and whose lists are always complete. When we share our stories, there is no doubt that He has amazing things planned for each of us. It's just a matter of keeping your eyes open. 

"I am a little pencil in the hand of a writing God who is sending a love letter to the world." - Mother Teresa

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