12 November 2012

An Origami Balloon Mobile how-to.

So it's no secret that I'm a huge fan of "whimsy." If we were going to do a nursery, it needed a mobile to beat the band. I looked high and low for a tutorial on origami mobiles, but was really coming up empty. Psh. So I'm sharing mine. 

The first thing I did was learn how to fold an origami balloon. I folded 40, which ended up being perfect for the size of dowel I ended up using to hang the thing. Once I had all of my balloons folded, I left them all flat until it was time to string. No use smashing a bunch of nice origami ahead of time, right?! 

We cut a dowel in half and I lashed it together Boy Scout style - thanks for the education, ex-boyfriend! 

Once I was sure it would hang, I cut a super long piece of fishing line and squished a split shot fishing weight (cause I'm THAT girl) on the very end of the line. I used a tiny crochet hook to pull the line through both ends of the balloon, and dropped the balloon onto the split shot. It just sat right on top, which is perfect because you can then move them up and down if you mis-measure! AND your husband will come home and say, "You used split shots? Genius!" (Cough cough 141 to be exact) 

I strung 5 balloons about 5 inches apart on 8 separate lines, and then hung them on the dowels. And then the world made sense. 

As the boys get closer to being able to grab it, I'll just move fishing weights up and clip off the excess line. Once we lower their mattresses, it should all be grand! 

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Lisa Marie said...

sigh... so cute I could just die! Those boys are so lucky, what an awesome room and and an even more awesome Mommy!! ;)