12 November 2012

A Home for Max & Miles.

It. Is. Done. After a lot of furniture moving, painting and discussing, the nursery is ready for baby boys. We've never actually had a nursery, so this is just the most thrilling thing in the world for yours truly. 

Andrew's mama painted the room -it's actually an icy turquoise and not the baby blue you see here. Maybe that will surface in the photos to come. Hm. 

Once the room was painted, we bought two very reasonably-priced cribs and got to work. My manly man spent an evening building them and they were together within a couple of hours. Squee! 

The element of danger adds something, I'm sure. 

Mom bought the babies these wicked cool sheets, which I am now completely in love with and with the breathable bumpers, they are a serious must. Those bumpers are a huge pain to put on, and changing the sheets was going to be a very rough event for this family! 

Here is Daddy after Crib #1.

Our able-bodied helpers!

Mama and Daddy at 32 weeks! 

Daddy was feeling super fun and gave the girls the big piece of styrofoam to play with while he built cribs. Fab. 

He also had a huge cleanup job. 

A week later, we're finally done with all the sewing and decorating! 

The wooden letters took huge amount of work, but they came out super cute. The mobile was also a very long project, as I had to fold 40 origami balloons before stringing them. 

The Roman shades were up before the girls moved out of this room, but I added a new finish to the top to really give it a little extra color and finish it off. 

The daybed will mostly be for nursing, but we have a trundle underneath that pops up and creates a kind bed, so that when we have company we can easily move out of our room and convert that into a guest room and sleep near the boys. Perfect setup for a big family that is constantly welcoming out-of-towners!

The skirts are a tad high for now, but will fit perfectly once we lower the mattresses when the boys start pulling up. The cribs are actually a black/espresso color - don't let the weird reddish tint throw you!

All in all, we're thrilled with the result - we've never had a room to welcome a new baby home to, so this is just the icing on the "We're having twins cake!" 

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