19 November 2012

4:30 am, Monday, November 19.

I've gotta say, the pain that comes from forty pounds of pressure on your hips and groin is really unlike anything I've ever experienced. I wouldn't really call this a complaint, more like an observation. I know that this 4:30am "please God, let me go back to sleep" pain is truly nothing compared to what some people deal with every single day. I know that this pain will be completely gone within a few weeks. Anyone can deal with anything for a few weeks, can't they? It's just the kind of pain that annoys me because I'm so incredibly tired right now and would really rather be sleeping. And if I get up, the dog will be totally confused and will think it's 6:30am, and I really don't want to mess up his currently solid routine. So I'm stranded next to a happily snoozing husband while the dog holds my kindle hostage in the family room.
I don't really have a lot to say seeing as I just blogged last night...Andrew installed a set of motion/floodlights on the side of the house for Stone, who is terrified of the dark. He went out last night and was so obviously thrilled with the new lights. Silly dog.
Lucy is off for a week due to Thanksgiving, and I'm trying to think of ways to make the week fun...from the couch. It seems like each week steals a little more of my energy and ability to join in, so it's getting hard to be creative! There are only so many ways I can frame a nap to make it "exciting" to my children!
Max and Miles both have godparents at this point - hallelujah! Our friends C&D and C&C are going to take the job, and we're very excited for the boys. Their baptism will be January 27th, while mom and the boys are down. I still need to sew another piece of one of the baptismal gowns, as we had the gowns made under the assumption that we'd be baptizing one baby at a time. We have one long shift and two organza overlays, so I need to make another shift for the second gown. One gown is slightly more feminine than the otherl according to the seamstress who constructed them out of Grandma Susie's wedding dress, but for the life of me I can't figure out which one it is. All I know is that I ordered one gown and when the seamstress delightedly gave me two a few weeks before my wedding, the number of children I'd be having really didn't compute. It was just another task I wanted out of the way, and something I wanted to show Grandma when she was in Maryland for the wedding. So I took my two (?) baptismal gowns and thought, "cool, one for Nina, one for me!"
And here I am, unexpectedly needing two gowns at once. Twins have never been something I could see in my future, but again the provision was made early on for these boys. So many tiny details that pointed to a very special set of twins. We've been receiving things in pairs since before our wedding, and I've been completely oblivious. It's so neat when a happy accident turns out to be much more than that. P

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