30 November 2012

36 weeks and in the home stretch.

We had our 36-week appointment today. Everything looks very, very good. The babies were very sleepy this morning, probably because they were up at 4am having a bouncy blast, but we were finally able to get them to move around long enough to complete the biophysical. Another 10 minutes and I'm betting I would have landed in L&D hooked up to the monitors for an hour. Good boys! They were measuring at 5lbs 9oz and 6lbs even, which is a fairly decent gain seeing as they were checked just a week ago. Miles is head-down once again, and he is actually the lowest baby at this point, so I really don't know what to make of him.

Dr. M said that I'm ready to deliver at any point, and we set a c-section date for Dec. 14th. He said my water will probably break in the next week, but I'm morbidly curious about just how long I could go before my water breaks. I wouldn't mind going to my scheduled date at all, at this point. It's not that I'm not completely sick of being pregnant, but the birth of the babies will present several challenges that I'm really not forced to deal with while they're on the inside. I'm uncomfortable, but recovering from a c-section and nursing two babies will be pretty comparable. I'm very excited about seeing these two boys, but it will mean a big round of changes and adjustments, and a major lack of sleep, so I'm not at all unhappy with the thought of another couple weeks of sleep. I haven't had the back pain that usually comes with my pregnancies in the third trimester, and thanks to Nexium, I haven't heartburn at all in two months. The combination of those two things is why I hate the third trimester, so I've been sitting pretty. My belly is VERY heavy and my hormones are whacky, but I'm managing okay. Getting to 38 weeks would mean heavier babies, which would be a huge blessing. The bigger they are, the more likely we are to all come home together on the same day and have nursing success. Every day is another ounce, and that is still really important at this point. I think we'd all be going home together now, but I know that each day is closer to a great sucking reflex and a weight that we can all be comfortable with. So, I think I can really say that my water breaking would be okay and we'd manage fine, but another week or so would be fine too.

We talked with Dr. M about the risks for the surgery and postpartum issues. This being my 4th c-section and having two babies in there, there is additional concern about hemorrhage and the possibility that my uterus won't clamp down so well after the delivery. Luckily, Dr. M is pretty much counting on it and will be well-prepared. We've also already talked about depression meds, as my recovery with Claire was a little iffy and having two babies may make things even harder. He said he'll have them ready if it should become a problem, and I'll be leaving it to Andrew to help me make that decision when the time comes. He knows me best, and I trust his judgement. I'd really like to get away without them, but more than that I'd like to remember my recovery with the boys as happy and peaceful.

So that's basically what's up. Bottom line, we have a date set to appease my planning side, but everyone said they'll see me this week when my water breaks. Psh. They don't call me Super Cervix for nothing...my next OB appt is this coming Thursday, so we'll see! Hang in there, boys! Mama loves you and we're almost done!

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Lisa Marie said...

YOU ROCK MAMA!!! Yes, I agree, your cervix is like Fort Knox. They aren't going anywhere... :) but who knows!!! haha. You are so amazing, and I"m SO PROUD OF YOU!!! I can't wait to see these gorgeous boys which you have so seemingly effortless grown forever in there!!! wow!! God bless you and them so much- we are praying!!