18 November 2012

34 weeks. All I want for Christmas is my two new boys.

The piece of coffee cake in front of me is big enough that Andrew walked by and exclaimed, "Oh damn. Not judging, not judging, not judging!" Some nights I really am eating for three. Tonight would be one of those nights. Honestly, I'm just thrilled when I'm actually hungry at all, seeing as it's rare these days. I just don't have the space! I'm painfully aware of just how close I am to counting calories again, so I'm living it up. 

The babies are doing very well in there, and our Friday appointment was great. I go back in this week, as we're now doing weekly appointments, but since my OB's office is closed this week I'll be going in to labor and delivery for my usual sonogram. We didn't weigh the babies on Friday, but I'm estimating they're each about 5lbs now. My belly is actually so heavy that I have to lift it with my hands when I roll over. Insanity. Ooh, hang on. Might as well get the tape measure out and put that in writing...50 cm. So if a person could be  50 weeks pregnant, I'd be right there patting their back and saying, "I know exactly how you feel!" 

I am still sleeping okay, but my hips just kill me in the mornings. I do best if I'm up at 6. Somehow sleeping any more than about 8 hours, even if I am completely exhausted, will just kill me for the entire following morning. 

The boys are still very, very active in there and are both head-down. I asked my OB about the plans as far as going into labor and he said that if my water breaks, we just get them out, if I'm having contractions, we'll work on slowing them until about 36 weeks, and if I'm dilated we weigh the risks and benefits and what we can actually do at that point. It's a HUGE relief to know that we're past the micro-preemie stage and would be looking at growing and feeding rather than a complicated early-on NICU stay at this point. At 36 weeks we'll just be playing it by ear and waiting to go into labor, so I'm just trying to stay busy for the next two weeks and keep my chin up. 

I finished some carseat blankets for the infant carriers today, as I realized that they had thin swaddling blankets but nothing heavy enough for actual outings. I bought a big microfleece snuggly blanket at WalMart for $15, cut it in four and whipped some brown binding around it. I still have two little pieces to make two more, but I'm so sick of my sewing machine that I just threw them in my fabric bin and put the machine away!

Well, that's it. I have a little story, but will make a new post for that. 

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