19 October 2012

The upside of being pregnant with multiples.

It is still incredibly surreal for me that there are two babies in there. Even with a sonogram every two weeks for months and months, I know that this won't really feel real until I'm holding two babies.
Even with the extreme fatigue and constant pain, being pregnant with twins is still super amazing.

The movement is 24/7. I love feeling my babies move inside me, and with twins I feel them all day long and then throughout the night. I remember how stressful it was being pregnant with Lucy, who was a very quiet, infrequent mover. Now that I know Lucy, it makes sense. But when you have more than one, there's always a kick to greet you. (Of course, they're out of room in there now so the movement is painful and cramped, but I'll take it.)
Last night at a meeting I put my palm on the side of my belly to move Miles over (very frequent - he's a sideways sleeper) and felt his heartbeat as I held his back. It was SO amazing, and not something you get to feel very often with singletons as they don't stretch things so far.

People get very excited about twins. When we mention that I'm still weeks away and we're having two boys, people jump right into the conversation. Grocery lines are good for this. We've had as many as four and five shopping carts back involved in the chatter. It's just fun, thinking of doubling the blessings. What's interesting is that we rarely get a "congratulations" from anyone, as this will be Babies 4 & 5, even with people being fascinated with twins. When they think the boys are our first pregnancy, they're thrilled for us. When they find out we're welcoming two more to our already "finished " family, we get a lot of nose wrinkles. I'm okay with that. I think it's very often a nose wrinkle from personal regret. Children are amazing, and the number of elderly people I meet who tell me that they regret not having more children is frequent. I think that the younger generation feels that pull and doesn't know what to do with it, other than criticizing people who "give in" to biology.

Giving our son an immediate brother and lifelong playmate is awesome. We would have really struggled about what to do about baby #5. What if we had three more and just kept getting sisters??? God has fixed that decision for us so easily! 

It's the best surprise ever. We agreed that just the shock of having twins was enough to let the "other suprises" fall to the wayside on this one. Spontaneous twins are rare, and most people have to pay a lot of money for fertility treatments or adopt to get two at once. About a year ago I very vividly pictured two little boys sitting at the dining room table, and then it just fell off the radar. I guess the Lord knows what He's doing, doesn't he? We opted to find out whether they were boys or girls, even though we had a pretty good idea that they were boys. We named them early, because the chances of spending time in the NICU are higher and we wanted to "know" them better. Max and Miles sort of became a reality for us over several years of "well, how about that?" experiences, and they were STILL a huge surprise when we saw them for the first time on that screen.

The challenge of the chaos ahead of us sounds super fun, somehow. Call me crazy, but more little feet around here can never be a bad thing.

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