20 October 2012

Some random notes:

Claire is going to be Mother Teresa again this year. So cute I could die. It's too awesome a costume for me to sew something else. Lucy is going to be a ballerina. "Because that just seems easy and then you won't have to sew anything." My dream girl. Mo is undecided. She wanted to be Dorothy from "Wizards in Oz" but that seemed like too much to take on. So she's struggling. We keep feeding her ideas and nothing is good enough. Nothing!

EOS lip balm is where it's AT.

I started taking Nexium three days ago and haven't taken Tums since. I feel like a whole new cranky pregnant girl!

Stone is now one whole year old! Happy Birthday, sweet puppy! He is just the best and we love him dearly. Andrew took him to Molly's soccer game and was told by the owner of two older Danes that he is one of the best behaved Dane puppies he's ever met. Stone is just a treat and aside from the occasional food-stealing incident, he's really leveling out as far as his predictability. He's fantastic around the girls and I'd trust him around absolutely anyone. I mean, most people really don't know what to make of him, but once you get over his size, it's clear he's just a giant lap dog. His mouth is enormous, so I think people just assume that a mouth that big must eat babies and t-bone steaks, but I've found Claire's arm down his throat enough to know that he really doesn't care for baby meat. He is absolutely our heaven-sent boy and we couldn't be happier with the way he's growing up.

We had a little campfire tonight. Everyone had fun and Stone spent the evening chasing flying sparks. It turns out that as dumb and non-observant as he is, he never lets a spark get by. He's so tired he's actually sleeping in his crate, which is a minor miracle considering he refuses to sleep anywhere but the pregnancy pillow next to the bed.

That's really it for me tonight. I could totally go for a bowl of frosted flakes (seriously the best cereal ever) but I'm beached on my bed under the ceiling fan and there is no possible way I'm moving for at least an hour.

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