08 October 2012

Meet "Baby A:" Hello, Max Aquinas!

It took awhile, but we were finally able to get Max to turn around and show us his sweet face! 

Our amazing tech got him to turn from a face-down tummy nap to a snooze on his back so we could get a better look. Here's the first picture of him, trying to hide under his brother!

If you ask us, he looks a whole lot like his big sister Molly! The only real difference we could see in the boys were their noses, seeing as the viewing was a tad limited! 

At this point, Max is the big brother, as he's slated to be born first. That's not really stopping his little brother from sitting on his head most of the time. Here's a foot kicking him in the face.

And a "thumbs-up" from Little Brother!

Sweet boy! You'd have a grumpy face too, if you had a bony brother in your eye! 

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