24 October 2012

Holy hands and feet!

I am lying in bed at 11pm and the boys are just going bananas in there. I have been pregnant three times before but this movement is unlike anything I have ever felt. There are so many limbs feeling around in there I'd think it was a litter of puppies if I didn't know better. The strangest part is feeling kicking and tickling in absolutely every corner of my belly all at once. It's so, so, so crazy. I can feel Miles' hands by my right ribs, Max's feet kicking around with Miles' head by my left ribs, Miles' feet down by my hips, kicking straight down and Max's hands down low on the right, feeling around. Miles' head is pushing right up under my sternum and Max's toosh is right next to that head, wiggling all over. Every part of my belly is waving around, and I really have no chance of sleeping until everyone quiets down and goes to sleep.
I may be completely wiped out, but it's really too amazing to ignore for a little sleep. I have no idea how they still have the room to go crazy in there, but it's really cool feeling them kick off each other and know that I'm growing a pair of tiny best buddies.

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