17 October 2012

Family Room Evening.

I'm blogging from my phone. From the sectional. From the family room. From the other side of the hizzouse.

Sleeping with me is just not conducive to rest anymore, so the family vote resulted in "time to move the problem across the house." I'm having major issues rolling over, and when I do it successfully I have to catch my breath afterward. My heartburn has the Tums bottle rattling 4 to 5 times a night. My restless leg is constant. My snoring is catastrophic. I'm in the bathroom anywhere from 2 to 7 times in a night. Once I get back in bed, the babies have both woken up and take another 15 minutes to settle down again. Seriously. It's laughable. I usually get to this point around 37 or 38 weeks. I'm 29 weeks. So here I am, living in the family room until further notice. I have the good fortune of being able to nap at any given point during the day. My bed buddy Andrew doesn't have that same luxury. So he's got the bed and any night wakings with the girls, and I have the sectional and the ability to sleep more upright and do my own thing at night. It's pretty painful being across the house, because I like being the one to answer the girls at night and I like snuggling with Andrew at night. This just sucks. But I have to admit that having the freedom to keep my own awful nighttime hours does help quite a bit. And it's temporary. Soon we'll all be in one place again, with me dozing under nursing babies and begging Andrew for a king-sized bed.

I finished the letters for the boys' (2!) names above their cribs today, and they are SO cute!! We're going to start painting this weekend, and will probably have all the painting done within a couple of weeks. Once that's done we just need to order the furniture and do a tiny bit of rearranging. Pics will be posted as we make progress! So excited! 

Well, I need tums and a quick lap around the room to settle my legs and babies before I attempt the first sleeping shift of the night. Ah, the magic of multiples.

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