15 October 2012

Baby Stuff!

(Seriously, I'm not trying to bore anyone. It's a family blog, so it's mostly mundane details for the kids to read later. Tune in tonight for something a little less mind-numbing.)

Okay, everyone. I know you've just been clicking "refresh" over and over for the past week, so let's do this.

I don't have much to talk about...other than the enormous belly I'm sporting. Not because it's all I want to think about, but because it's really all I'm FORCED to think about. Since I'm really not doing a whole lot at this point, the belly sort of takes front seat to everything else.

I had my 29-week appt on Tuesday and the babies are looking great. I am now on iron supplements as well, but that's normal at this stage of the game. My gestational diabetes bloodwork came back great and the babies are 3.1 pounds each. They're gaining super fast, and are actually heavier than an average singleton at this point, which points to a great outlook for their birth weights. Getting them fat early on will make things much safer, should my water break or something crazy like that. My OB is still convinced I'll deliver sometime around Thanksgiving, which would be lovely. So much to be thankful for, right?

Monday and Tuesday I woke up with headaches, but nothing too bad. By Thursday I was still waking up with headaches and wasn't having much luck kicking it. On Friday it was a full-blown migraine and I spent most of the day moaning with ice packs on my head. I'm not a headache person, so it was a pretty rough day. I called my OB on Friday night and he told me to go in for monitoring and better painkillers.

We spent the evening in Labor and Delivery where Dr. N, whose bedside manner is infamous, refused to prescribe more than 1000mg on Tylenol, even though "your OB would like me to prescribe Fioricet." No joke. My friends and I have had more than a handful of experiences with him in the past and his name is like acid to most of them. Should my water break while he's on call, Andrew will be delivering the babies via c-section in the comfort of our kitchen with a steak knife and a Dremel. And 1000mg of Tylenol.

So I came home with a splitting headache and spent the night with ice on my head. Around 4am I remembered that Dr. M had prescribed "something" for me when I was pregnant with Claire and that I should try to dig it up. I found it, and it was FIORICET. Take that, Dr. N. I took a round of that first thing yesterday morning and then spent the entire morning in my cave, followed by another dose at noon and a nap. I emerged from the cave around 3 and was actually able to go out and take in a soccer game. It was blissful. Today has been kind of hit or miss, as my head has been feeling a little touchy but not really in a full-blown headache. I'm told by my multiples group that mirgraines in the last trimester can be very frequent due to the hormones. Fantastic.

I'm going to post this before I forget again. I'm going to post about the boys' nursery earlier. It's so cute you will actually drop dead and never come back. Promise.

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