23 October 2012

30 weeks, there's that wall again!

Well, we're back from another enthralling OB visit. The boys are now 3.4 and 3.6 pounds - I was worried until I was told by my multiples board that they're actually pretty big for their age and that it's normal for things to slow at this stage.

We talked with Dr. M about a few little concerns, but other than that it was just a regular visit. That makes it a relief AND a frustration, because at the size I'm at, normally something exciting would be happening, but at the week I'm at, the best thing is complete routine and a lack of "news." I just feel sort of nonplussed right now. Not really bummed out, but sort of "now what?" We have several "busy" weeks ahead of us, but I'm really too big and sore to DO a lot of it, so my view is more limited to "what sort of excitement is happening in the family room" and what we're having for dinner. I'm not really upset about any of it because it's certainly what's best for my boys, but I'm kind of staring at the walls and wondering what it's going to feel like to go insane. :-)

My mother-in-law (she really needs a superhero name) is here and I cannot find the words to express just how much we are loving and appreciating this. Most of the things I usually do leave me breathless and in lots of pain, and I'm 200% certain that if she were not here, this place would just not be functioning at this point. I do okay until about 11am and then I just need to crash. So she takes us out in the morning for some fresh air and an errand or two, and then brings us all back for lunch and naps. We're starting to get into a routine and things are sailing along pretty well, I think. One of the best parts is that Grandma does the mornings and helps get Lucy and her hapless Daddy out the door, which is REALLY helpful on those mornings after I haven't slept or I've been having bad nightmares or have just been "up." The insomnia is a major pain some nights, so when I've been up off and on until 4am, it's really nice not to have to jump up when Andrew's alarm goes off. I'm usually a very busy, "get-it-done" type of person, and it's really nice to be taken care of by a "get-it-done" type of Grandma. When I found out we were expecting twins I had no earthly idea how unlike a singleton pregnancy this is. I really wasn't expecting to be so down and out so early on! The girls are loving their Grandma time and I'm loving that they aren't just sitting in front of the TV all day while I just barely manage. Thank you God, for Grandma!

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