15 September 2012

YMCA Soccer Opening Day 2012!

It's that time of year again! Folding chairs, tired parents, smooshy grass and crying kids - must be soccer time! 

Today was an excellent day - overcast and the perfect temperature. This is Molly's first year of soccer, so we had a little bit of shopping to do this morning before we rushed over to the fields. Daddy took Lucy and Claire with him while Molly and I bought a couple of new chairs and some donuts for breakfast. 

Last year I Claire was 3-month-old snip of a thing, and this year she's got her own chair! 

Lucy's game was at 9, but she played goalie for the entire game, so we really didn't see much action. Lucky for Lucy, she LOVES playing goalie! 

Molly found a fedder! 

Claire's a one-bite sort of gal.

I was rubbing Mo's back, and Claire just had to get in on it. 

Causing trouble.

Our star goalie! 

Treats for our player! 

Molly's game was an hour after Lucy finished, so we killed some time in the car and had all sorts of fun playing while we waited! Molly was very excited to start her soccer career. 

She wasn't too keen on actually playing the game, but she did run when we yelled "RUN!" 

The cutest part of the game was when Molly got to throw the ball in. The referee showed her just what to do...



Not really...

...aaaaaand we'll just kick it. 

Molly is a full head shorter than all of her team mates, so watching her try to keep up was just too cute!

But keep up she did - she's a woman of action! 

Mama and Lucy watching the game.

Once Molly found out how fun her shorts were, she lost all interest in the game. 

Molly was very excited to FINALLY get the chance to run through her own Parent Tunnel! 

How cute is that man? Whew! Love him! 

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