24 September 2012

Mondays are for Dumptrucks.

I haven't written about anything but the babies in several months. Sheesh. Really, there are other things happening around here.

We're landscaping the top of our driveway, which is a huge thrill for the entire neighborhood. (No, really. Our neighbors seem to be making eye contact with us again!) I need to get some good pictures - I'll do that tomorrow. We're (I say that like I'm doing a thing...) removing all of the huge, rotting railroad ties and replacing them with a rock edge, and then moving forward with the most lovely top-o-the-hill scene you ever did see.

Let me say something here about railroad ties and lava rock. They are not okay. They are old, dated and sad. If you are, indeed, harboring lava rock, it's time. Take that shovel by the handle and start the project. I beg you. This world would be such nice place without lava rock. 

So what are we doing with our lava rock? Ha. It turns out it's REALLY hard to get rid of 3 tons of lava rock. I'm not the only one who feels it should be banished from the face of the earth, apparently. You can't give this stuff away. So I had the brilliant idea to hide it under a bush. No joke. We're just shoving it all under our hideous juniper. The best part is that our neighbor C actually admitted to inspiring our previous homeowner to put the lava rock in 30 years ago. Don't admit that, girlfriend! Sheesh, that's like saying, "I totally invented Tamagotchis!"  

Oh, okay, let's DO talk about that hideous juniper. I am of the opinion that juniper is the ugliest foliage ever. I realize that it's a tree that has been around since biblical times. Admirable, but not convincing enough for me. But while I'm all about curb appeal and doing away with the ugly, Hot Stuff is all about privacy and keeping the view of the street at bay. Insert groan here. So we compromised. Sort of a "keep your ugly juniper as long as it's hiding the ugly lava rock." The juniper is actually big enough to hide that much rock. It's really something. 

So the lava rock is just being pushed straight back and we're planting bushes in front of what you'll be able to see. Genius. Hot Stuff and the Deacon Supreme have been shoveling all week and moving rock, and finally decided that they were done with that mess a few days ago, so I called and ordered 7 yards of "sandy soil" from a nice place in Fort Worth. They were out bright and early this am (see pic below) and dumped it on the top of the hill. Claire just about lost her ever-loving mind when she saw that dump truck. The driver got out to give me the receipt and she was in his arms in an instant, trying to convince him to put her in the truck. He was nearly convinced, but professional enough to peel her off his shirt and hand her back to me screaming and yelling. She screamed right through the entire dumping process and was on that hill of sand faster Stone jumps on a pancake. (Also, make sure you read those last few lines carefully. I skimmed it and totally read that the dump truck driver took off his shirt. Not what happened.)

Okay, so we cut out the juniper in front (one less juniper in the world - hallelujah!) and took out all the railroad ties. All the rock is out and the the ugly metal edging is gone. In it's place is a huge pile of sand. 

So the sand has been spread and the next step is putting in the weed mat and edging stones.  Eventually we'll have them going down the entire driveway, but we're taking it a step at a time, clearly.  H.S. and D.S. are at Lowe's right now taking advantage of the last day of the "paving stone sale."  Gotta save that 20%, you know...

Well, now you know what's going on here. Other than the litter in my belly, landscaping is king! 

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