21 September 2012

A Kid Update

So, it's been awhile since I updated on the little folk around here. They're all so different from one another that I like to document how they're changing from time to time. As everyone is coming up on "and a half," I thought I'd put into words just how things are going.

LUCY - At almost 5 and a half, Lucy is such a little mama. She is incredibly dutiful and loves to feel as useful as possible. The more praise from Mama and Daddy, the better! Lucy is a very gentle girl who loves to care for her sisters and is often quicker than Mama at pulling a crying child into her lap for a backrub and some shushing.

Lucy is loving kindergarten and has almost a full month of Smiley faces on her calendar. She came home in tears yesterday because her class lost a privilege and she couldn't stop them. After a bit of crying and a "sometimes being part of a group means group consequences" talk from Mama, she perked up. When Daddy got home and asked how her day had been, she said dolefully, "We can talk about it later. I don't need tears running down my face while I'm trying to eat." Takes everything to heart, that one!

Lucy loves Stone and is doing really well with his training.  It's a lot of work for all of us, and she makes sure he gets plenty of scratching and love. She feeds him in the mornings and though he's bigger than she is he wouldn't dare push her around.

Lucy is really into bugs and creepy-crawlies. She's forever bringing little animals into the house and making homes for them. Most of my containers have holes poked in them and lizards living inside. She's not afraid of a thing and is always the first to get her hands dirty and do what needs doing!

Lucy is such a funny girl. She has her mama's timing and her daddy's hang-loose attitude, which makes for quite a few off-the-cuff comments. She loves to be in on any secret that sets her apart from "the little ones" and works hard to maintain her "I was here first" status.

We are having so much fun watching Lucy learn about life. Most days she teaches us more than we teach her, but never fails to remind us that she'll always be our peaches-and-cream first baby girl!

MOLLY - What can I really say about Molly? She's sort of this magical little fairy who just happens to sleep in the bottom bunk.

Molly is just past 3 and a half. She loves princesses, chocolate milk, baby animals and pretty things. She is a very typical 3.5 year old, minus the willfulness and tantrums. She expects her cereal on time every morning, but that's as far as her demands go. She's just like her daddy. Good-natured, steady and amiable.

Molly lives in her head most of the time, coming out only for strawberries and Popsicles. I often lose track of how long she's been in her room daydreaming and chatting with her toys.

Molly prefers to wear pink and purple and accents of pink and purple. Sparkles are a bonus. She wears pink Disney princess crocs every day and would rather just go barefoot if she can't find them. She has a wild head of fuzzy reddish-brown hair and although her hair is very red, she refers to herself as a "brown head."

Molly is very excited about the "baby twins" and asks about them several times a day. "Are the baby twins crying? Sleeping? Happy? When are they coming?" The other day Molly and I were in the tub and she was squashing my leg with her bony back and I yelped, "MO! MOVE!" She looked at me for a second and asked, "Are the baby twins trying to get down your leg?" Uhhh....no.

Molly is having a pretty good time doing her own things while Lucy is in school. I think she's really enjoying just having quiet days to play with Claire and disappear into her room. She loves to get together with her best friend Reesie; they could spend hours chatting and swinging on the tire swing.

Molly is learning to count, and can make it to twelve before she just jumbles them together and shouts out any old number. We're pretty sure she's somewhat colorblind. It appears to be a red-green issue, so we're not pushing the colors much right now. Her alphabet is solid, and she tells us she can write her name now! It looks something like this: "OoooOooOooOooooOOOO." I know, right? My little genius.

All in all, it's Molly's stage and the rest of us are just supporting cast.

CLAIRE - Claire is...well....let me tell you what she isn't.

She isn't timid. She isn't taking prisoners or pulling punches. She isn't limited in her climbing abilities. She isn't quiet or meek. She isn't at a loss for words. She isn't afraid of anything. She isn't afraid to beat the dog. She isn't what I pictured when we named her "Claire Faustina." I thought that was the name of a sweet and shy little baby. Claire is sort of like a tiny warrior. We've started singing, "How Do You Solve a Problem Like Faustina?" when she's really on fire. Her bright red hair and "don't you dare challenge my tiny authority" eyebrows make her this crazy little short-legged Napoleon who will do anything to get her way.

Yes, it's partly the age. And partly our purgatory here in earth. Claire is cuter than the Dickens, so she just sort of runs the show and gives us the stink-eye when we fail to obey. At 15 months, what else can you do?

BABY A - We'll call him Ace. Ace is a big fan of his sisters' voices and really only gets going when he hears the chaos of the house getting really ramped up. Maybe he's trying to run in the other direction? He's especially sensitive to Lucy and will bounce all over the place in the afternoon while she chats about her day. Otherwise he just lets his brother represent the womb while he hangs back and enjoys the squishy happiness.

BABY B - His real name may be low-key, but Scooter is anything but. Scooter is on the right side and spends most of his day reminding me that he's here. He's got a very promising left jab and I'm willing to place money that he'll be a lefty like his big sister Lucy. Scooter is a very steady and consistent guy who seems to be hanging on my every word. If I stop talking, he's right there with a quick kick to remind me that he's listening. 

I'm not sure to what degree the boys interact in there. My doctors seem to think that they're very in tune with one another from very early on and that they're aware of one another. Super interesting. Can't wait to see if they're fraternal or identical! I'll be really excited to see if the personalities I feel this early on will stay as they are once they're out of the water. I'm pretty sure that at this point I'd be able to tell if they switch places in there, though it seems pretty unlikely at this point. They've been in the exact same position since our very first ultrasound.

Well, that's the rundown. Lucy, Molly, Claire, Ace and Scooter. I'd mention Stone, but my eyes are closing involuntarily.  More about the hound later. <37

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