21 September 2012

26 Weeks, Y'all!

Friday night - kids are in bed, I'm watching Criminal Minds re-runs (because who's not all about serial killers?) and eating chocolate-covered strawberries. Fantastic. We have a pretty quiet weekend ahead of us and I may or may not have overdone it a little bit tonight with a bit too much bending, so I'm just taking it easy and spending the evening on the couch.

We're 26 weeks in and these babies are incredibly BUSY.

Okay, all of the kids WERE in bed, but Molly is suddenly out of bed and has Andrew making hot dogs for her. Ummmm...what?

Anyway, back to the babies. I saw my cardiologist a couple of days ago for a checkup and he told me absolutely nothing. More of a, "Okay, come back next week and we'll do a longer test." Thanks, pal. $35 copay, down the drain.

I am measuring about 42cm and have gained about 25 pounds, which is pretty much ideal at this stage. The babies weigh about 2 pounds each right now, as they're in a period of "super growth" right about now. We have another checkup with our Perinatologist next Friday and will get more exact weights. I'm guessing they'll make a pretty good jump between now and then.

Andrew's dad is here and BOY is that nice! Lifting and bending is really getting tough, and at this point I can pick about two things to do each day, and he's helping to take up the rest of the slack. Things like walking up the hill to meet Lucy's bus, bending to change diapers over and over, picking Claire up for this and that, doing dishes in one spot at the sink, chopping and stirring and cooking, etc. Those things wear me out faster than anything else. I can go grocery shopping and enjoy the walking through the store, but carrying the groceries in and getting the kids in and out of the car is the tough part. I can go for car rides and do all my "drive-thru" errands myself, but getting the kids in and out more than twice is a killer. It's just one of those "too pregnant for my own good" type things. We're still doing playdates at friends' houses and things like that, where I have someone to meet me and grab the baby, etc.

I am very, very, very excited at the prospect of meeting these two little guys. I'd say the early bonding with them is on par with our early bonding with Molly. We were ready for her before she was even a twinkle in her Daddy's eye. I've sort of had these two in mind for well over a year, not really knowing why, and I really feel like I know them much much better than I've known the others. I mean, can you imagine having this weird vision of two more children at the table and then finding out you were having twins just months later? I feel like even though I know I'm not prepared for the reality of having twins, I've known for quite awhile that our family would expand drastically. I'm really glad we found out the sex of the babies, because it gives us so much time ahead of time to use their names and really get excited. (Yes, they have names, and no, we're not making them public until they're born.) It feels like they're already very much a part of the family and we're just sort of waiting around to get our hands on them! With Claire it was much, much different, not knowing if she was a girl or a boy. My pregnancy was exciting, but a little removed, as I didn't know who was on the way. With Lucy, we really didn't know much about how you learn to love a baby. Those two things kind of leave you in the dark as far as bonding goes. With the twins, we're really ready to get them out and have some fun!

So, things are going well. I'll try to blog more later, but I need to get horizontal and "rest my babies," as Mo says!

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