13 August 2012

Oh Lady...

Here is an exchange between an incredibly rude woman at the grocery store and myself. You'll like this.
Just for context, you should know that I look about 30 weeks pregnant right now.

Woman: Are those kids seriously all yours?

Me: Yep!

Woman: And you're pregnant again? Seriously?

(Erm...no...I just like the basketball look...)

Me: Yep!

Woman: Man, you must have a good husband...

Me: Please. He's so good I'm pregnant with twins!

Woman: You're kidding. Please tell me they're boys.

Me: Okay. They're boys.

Woman: You ARE done after this, right?

(Here is where I'm REALLY struggling.)

Me: Oh, I doubt it. A woman with a husband as good as mine wouldn't dream of stopping at 5! So how many do you have??


Jenna said...

WOW. People never cease to amaze.

Scottish Twins said...

My kids are the same exact ages as yours (I have three - two boys and a girl) and I am currently pregnant with #4. People say the rudest things. I'm still wondering when four or five became an insanely large family worthy of such shock and disgust?