30 August 2012

Oh brother....

Are you ready to be shocked and horrified? Hang on to your hats, folks. Graphic images ahead. 

 Oh my goodness, is Molly the cutest kid EVER in this pic? This is me at 38w,  the morning of my c-section with Claire. 

This is me ON my due date with Lucy. I went another week and a half. 

This is me approximately 2.5 minutes ago, at 22 and a half weeks. At least 12 weeks to go. 

I am definitely hitting a wall at this point. I was told by many of my twin mom friends that it would happen once I hit "full-term size." I am very tired and very crabby and in LOTS of pain. I think it would be fine if I were actually anywhere near my due date, but that is a season and a half away, y'all...
Feeling TWO bouncing babies bopping around in there is certainly motivation to keep going, and I am SO excited that we're going to have twins, but it really is two pregnancies at once.  

I will, of course, rally like the champ I am. I'm sure this is just a phase. I am also told by my twin mom friends that the wall comes and goes and that I should be feeling right as rain in a couple of days. I think that leaving behind the August heat will work wonders for my outlook! We've had another jump in the temps and boy is it nasty out there! I live for my early mornings outside with the little girls, playing in the hose, watering flowers and sweeping. Just a couple of weeks until we have nice weather every day!

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