27 August 2012

Lucy's First Day of Kindergarten

Dear Lucy,

Remember this day? After 43 hours of hard labor and almost 4 hours of pushing, you were born with red hair and peachy-white skin. Remember how Mommy and Daddy cried and cried when we finally heard your scream? Remember how Mommy was so weak that she couldn't hold you, and Mimi helped you learn to nurse? Remember how Daddy held you for three days straight and wouldn't put you in your bassinet? Remember how Grandma came to Frostburg to meet you and just said, "Oh, she is just beautiful," over and over? 

No? You probably don't, but Daddy and I still remember every minute like it was yesterday. 

This morning you put on your Hello Kitty t-shirt and aqua blue backpack before the sun came up. You stood by the door until we finally let you out, and you ran up the driveway as fast as you could, yelling, "Hurry up, you two!" Armed with your tiny Miraculous Medal and big expectations, you climbed on the bus and ran to the back, only to have to sit in the first seat when your bus driver caught you. 

You won't remember today, just like you won't remember the your first peas, your first steps, your first word or your first tricycle. But Daddy and I? We remember every single blink and breath. We know every freckle and dimple, every sigh and smile. And when you know your little girl this well, you know that she is filled with success. I know that Kindergarten will be a big adventure for you and that you'll take that place by storm.

Knock 'em dead, Red! We love you! 

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