30 August 2012

Paci tester

I'm sure her brothers will appreciate the pre-chewed pacis!

Cute like a puppy.

Crepe Myrtle junkie.

Oh brother....

Are you ready to be shocked and horrified? Hang on to your hats, folks. Graphic images ahead. 

 Oh my goodness, is Molly the cutest kid EVER in this pic? This is me at 38w,  the morning of my c-section with Claire. 

This is me ON my due date with Lucy. I went another week and a half. 

This is me approximately 2.5 minutes ago, at 22 and a half weeks. At least 12 weeks to go. 

I am definitely hitting a wall at this point. I was told by many of my twin mom friends that it would happen once I hit "full-term size." I am very tired and very crabby and in LOTS of pain. I think it would be fine if I were actually anywhere near my due date, but that is a season and a half away, y'all...
Feeling TWO bouncing babies bopping around in there is certainly motivation to keep going, and I am SO excited that we're going to have twins, but it really is two pregnancies at once.  

I will, of course, rally like the champ I am. I'm sure this is just a phase. I am also told by my twin mom friends that the wall comes and goes and that I should be feeling right as rain in a couple of days. I think that leaving behind the August heat will work wonders for my outlook! We've had another jump in the temps and boy is it nasty out there! I live for my early mornings outside with the little girls, playing in the hose, watering flowers and sweeping. Just a couple of weeks until we have nice weather every day!

28 August 2012

Sand soup for Mommy

Making sand soup for Mommy. Be lucky you didn't have to try last night's house soup which included crunchy ants...


A turkey with a mouthful of turkey!

T Jefferson Parker

That's where it's at. What's going to happen next!?!?

27 August 2012

Lucy's Day in Pictures

Mama's note to Lucy 

Her only complaint was that it was cut into puzzle pieces and not dinosaurs... 

Almost ready!

Lucy's morning standard - waffles and milk. 

Heading up the driveway!

No turning back for this girl!     

Lucy catches sight of Daddy at school. 

Little girl, big hallway.

We worked so hard to find a backpack that the other little girls wouldn't have...

Finding her cubby.

Waiting for school to start. 

Andrew didn't know what to make of this, so he took a picture. 

Lucy and Principal S - how cute is this!?

Lucy's First Day of Kindergarten

Dear Lucy,

Remember this day? After 43 hours of hard labor and almost 4 hours of pushing, you were born with red hair and peachy-white skin. Remember how Mommy and Daddy cried and cried when we finally heard your scream? Remember how Mommy was so weak that she couldn't hold you, and Mimi helped you learn to nurse? Remember how Daddy held you for three days straight and wouldn't put you in your bassinet? Remember how Grandma came to Frostburg to meet you and just said, "Oh, she is just beautiful," over and over? 

No? You probably don't, but Daddy and I still remember every minute like it was yesterday. 

This morning you put on your Hello Kitty t-shirt and aqua blue backpack before the sun came up. You stood by the door until we finally let you out, and you ran up the driveway as fast as you could, yelling, "Hurry up, you two!" Armed with your tiny Miraculous Medal and big expectations, you climbed on the bus and ran to the back, only to have to sit in the first seat when your bus driver caught you. 

You won't remember today, just like you won't remember the your first peas, your first steps, your first word or your first tricycle. But Daddy and I? We remember every single blink and breath. We know every freckle and dimple, every sigh and smile. And when you know your little girl this well, you know that she is filled with success. I know that Kindergarten will be a big adventure for you and that you'll take that place by storm.

Knock 'em dead, Red! We love you! 

25 August 2012

Friday Afternoon Fun with Dad

So Laura went to her annual retreat with some lovely girlfriends Lindsay D. and Charlotte T. to San Antonio. Which means... a full weekend of daddio-on-the-patio time! Woohoo! These girls (and Stone) survived Friday night! Here are some pictures of our evening!
Cold, wet nose. Too close, too close! 
Balancing on the left foot for a quick magazine-quality stare quickly turned into a tumble and roll down the yard.  :-)
You know you love these cheeks!
Partners in crime...............
Who me????
Yes YOU! Caught red-handed!
Getting teeth so fast she doesn't know where to put that tongue anymore! :-)
Her favorite spot during daddio-on-the-patio time.
Good profile picture of Stone, staring longingly at the hardworking laborers next door.
More swing pics. On the swing by herself! Big girl!
Can this thing hold me?
It was only a minute. I only fell asleep for a minute. Did anyone see me?

I don't remember what she was talking about in these pictures but it was a mile-a-minute. Probably something about the grass-sand-water-ant "soup" they were making and trying to force me to eat. Yum...

Still room for two more next year but that's going to be one heck of a balancing act on this hammock!
Our schoolgirl (starting in 2 days!!!!!)
This picture taken seconds before she kicked her crocs off and advised me that when she says "Service"  that means that I'm supposed to go get her crocs and put them on her feet so that she can get off the hammock. (Keep dreaming girl)
Is it just me or is that bone Claire-sized?
Claire stands on the hammock for the first time (with a little assistance)!
BFFs. Amazing how cute they can smile after some mint chocolate chip ice cream!