24 July 2012

Monday morning outside

I am sitting on the patio while Claire plays in the sandbox. It's about 8am and 80 degrees. The breeze feels REALLY good after cutting the grass. Claire loves to sit on my lap and ride around while she screams over the noise of the mower.

Lucy and Molly are inside, missing out on what might be the most perfect time of a Texas summer day. Lucy and Daddy like to make coffee and hot cocoa early in the morning and sit outside on the patio. Warm beverages kind of freak me out*, so that's their special time.

Stone is at Stay-and-Play today, which is just wonderful for us. He usually goes on once or twice a week from 7:30am to 5:30pm, leaving us with a nice, long stretch of puppy-free time ahead of us.

* Yes, she has a long, odd list of things that freak her out. Just ask me sometime, I can give you a handful :-) - A

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