18 July 2012


Okay, this was funny. We started working on the short "I" sound in Explode the Code today. Lucy was sort of getting it, but EtC will occasionally add pictures of super random stuff that a 5-year-old would never get. Like, "wig." She asked me, "What's a wig?" I said, "Oh, it's fake hair. To make you look different." She looked at me like I was nuts, but said, "Okay, that's nice!" and moved on. 

On the next page, I told her to work alone for a few minutes. Eventually she said, "Mommy? I know it begins with "F" and ends with "E," but I don't know what's in the middle..." I came over to the table and said, "What are you talking about?" She looked at me like I was the crazy one and said, "Fake, you know, for fake hair?" 


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Lisa Marie said...

LOL!!! Looks like you were working on the LONG A and silent E words without knowing it as well! hahaha! That is ADORABLE and so funny! I love stories like that, which is another reason I love homeschooling :)