07 July 2012

Dear Lowes, Thanks Again.

Well, we made a 2-hour visit to Lowes and lived to tell about it. That one was hairy, to say the least.

Our house is 35 years old this year! Happy Birthday, house! Tomorrow will be the one-year anniversary of our Old-House-Home-Ownership. As a result, we look forward to updates galore. Our house is really a renovator's dream. One reason we bought out house was because we liked how versatile the rooms were. We have a rancher with a lot of room to spread out and build on, but I think our most current plan may help us do away with a $100k addition.

It will really all depend on the sex of the twins. If we end up with 5 girls, there will be some changes. If by some chance we have boys or even one boy in there, we may just end up squeezing into what we have now. Should the twins be girls, we're talking about turning our back deck into a dining room and using the great room as an actual great room, leaving us with less of a need for a family room, so we could give the girls a very large, dorm-style bedroom with an attached bath far, far away from the Master Bedroom. Sigh. That would be plan A.

We don't really have a plan B, because it's all "down the road," as they say.

We do, however, have a few things that NEED to be done before we welcome two more lambs into the flock.

  • Utility Sink with sprayer. We're going to be cloth-diapering THREE children at once. That's a whole lot of diapers to launder. As we have a very, very large laundry/utility room with a toilet and several water hookups, we're adding a utility sink and changing station IN the laundry room. That way diapers can go straight from the booty to the sink to the washing machine without stopping in between. Not having diapers in other parts of the house is key to my maternal happiness. So we trekked to Lowes this morning and bought a nice, big sink that will be perfect for all sorts of large-family messes and will really help out with the whole diaper thing. I personally hate cloth diapering, but we really see no alternative with 3 under 2, you know? So anything we can do to make it as seamless as possible is what we're about right now. 
  • Painting a few rooms. Nothing fancy. I just anticipate spending more time than usual in our bedroom, and I'd love to make it feel a little more luxe than it is. We haven't had a painted bedroom since...2008. It's high time we turn the master into some kind of escape. We're going with Valspar's Spa Pool, even though Andrew is all, "hmmm...it's dark...." I'm trying to impress the whole jewel tones + neutrals + dark wood = gorgeous upon him, but he's always had trouble with the initial vision, and he can't really see blues anyway, so he decided to just trust me and buy the paint.  

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