24 February 2012

Molly... Cuteness, ON FIRE!

It's a start. Kind of. I have my sights set on crocheting fancy Afghans. You know, when I master something other than single stitch.

Pray, hope and don't worry. ~ Padre Pio


Claire feigns exhaustion and fatigue in front of a handsome, God-fearing (he's dedicated, y'all!) and reportedly single young man. His concern is palpable. You know, what he could muster from the middle of his Jumperoo.

Pray, hope and don't worry. ~ Padre Pio

Uncle B's bed is the place to sleep!

Crazy Mo!


Splashing at Mimi's!

Having a great time in Maryland!

13 February 2012

I have been absent. I'll admit it. But let me tell you, three children is no joke. We were driving the other day and Andrew said, "You know how people talk about that whole being outnumbered thing? They're completely right." I just nodded in agreement. The third child doesn't just knock you for a loop. She knocks you for a loop, drags you around the ring and ends it all with the biggest haymaker you've ever seen. I glance at Facebook once a day, but come bedtime, I just stare at the walls and think, "Same thing again tomorrow? Seriously?"

So if you do have three kids, you know exactly why I've been so out of it when it comes to blogging. If you don't have three kids, please believe me when I say that my entire life is completely out of my hands at this present time. I hope to regain control by the time I'm...47.

I'll give you a quick update. Kids first.

Lucy is still my shining star, big helper and sweet little know-it-all. She keeps us all on the up-and-up and is constantly smiling. I have no idea what to do about her new "big girl" attitude. When she's not shamelessly promoting her excellent behavior, she's rolling her eyes and looking at me like I'm completely stupid. The good news is that she's a far better student than I was at this age, and a sideways glance can usually stop her in her saucy little tracks. She's started mentioning that she really wants to know how to write more words, so I think her reading will be coming along shortly. Gotta know the words before you write them!
Lucy is also REALLY into singing. She sings everything she's thinking. I'm considering doing a series of blog posts called "Lucy's Lyrics," and here's a small sampling of what you might hear.
In the car several days ago:
Some animals have fouuuuuurrr legs
And womens just have twoooooo
But Jesus loves all of us 
No matter how many legs we haaaaaave!
If you're an animal you shouldn't be scaaaaaryyyyy
But you will know Jesus if you see Himmm....
Because you know just where to fiiiiiind Him
Cause He's on the cross in your chuuuuurch!

Molly is...a real character. She's so weird, but in that Lucille Ball way that we adore. She has no idea how to use pronouns, so all of her sentences sound something like, "What's him's doin'?" and "How's hers over dere bein' dat way?" It's pretty stinking cute. I'd be okay if she never learned how to speak properly. On the other hand, her most used phrase is a screechy, "Her's not sharin'!!!!"
What else can I say about Mo? She really keeps me on my toes. It's like living with 7 or 8 different children. Lucy was not a typical toddler. Molly definitely IS. Some days she spends the entire day talking to herself in this incredibly high voice. Other days she camps out under the coffee table. All day. Some days she's fully potty trained. Other days she has no idea what a toilet even looks like. Some days she eats nothing but Goldfish and orange juice. I often find her covered in marker or paint, even though there is really no possibility she could have even FOUND a marker. She's truly the most interesting person in the house these days. I'm learning that every day is completely new and cannot be based on the previous 24 hours.

Claire? Claire is fat and pudgy and smooshy and pink. She's so edible and soft, like a powdered donut. She has little (big?) fat rolls that drape just beautifully down her freakishly short legs. I was noticing today that she has really, really short legs. Like I almost called the pediatrician. (Oh yeah, I'm that mom.)  Did all of my kids have such short legs at this age??
Claire is now a little over 9 months and getting into everything. She's crawling, cruising the furniture and climbing anything her stubby legs can manage. She has one word. "Mama." And yeah, it's DEF being used in the right context.
Our little miss is still nursing, but takes a bottle or two a day just for variety. Every time I think she's trying to wean and jump from the boobie bus, she settles back into her seat for a little more. I have no idea how to read this kid. So I nurse her, and then if she's still being weird, she gets bottle every so often. It seems to work for us. I am just staying really, really relaxed and trying not to wrap myself around the axle about how long she nurses. Anything past 6 months is great, so from 9 months on, I really can't worry too much. Lucy stopped around 9 months, and I remember being so wrapped up in my supply AND my pride. With Mo, there were no difficulties at all. Claire is following the exact path that Lucy was on, but this time I'm wise enough to know that it's very, very hard to bring my supply up at 9 months post-partum, and that stressing about it won't do anyone any good. So Claire and I are just cruising along and she's eating whatever comes her way. It seems to be working fine, as she has many delicious rolls. She still wakes several times a night, so we sort of go back and forth between putting her back down or nursing her for a bit. So she's getting breastmilk through the night, and that makes me feel ten times better about giving her a bottle here and there during the day. Somehow my supply seems to just hang in there and do whatever I need whenever Claire needs it. What a miracle!

Okay, on to the exciting things. We're leaving for Maryland in 36 hours! Hooray! The last time we were in Maryland I got a positive pregnancy test that resulted in a red-haired child. So...I'm definitely not taking any pregnancy tests while we're there. The girls and I will be leaving on Wednesday morning and flying just the 4 of us, which should be an adventure. They're great travelers, and we know Claire can make the trip successfully in utero, so she should be a champ outside the womb, right? I'm not one of those people who dreads flying with small kids. It could be MUCH longer than the 3 hours, and I have lots of diversions packed for the event. Molly is terribly excited, but she thinks Grandpa is going to be on the plane. I have no idea what she thinks we're in for, but I'm pretty sure that her dreams and my reality are nothing alike.

We are SO excited to see our family and friends! We have many playdates and exciting excursions planned, and our calendar just keeps filling up! We are planning on some fantastic fun with all of our B-friends. I have no idea how almost all of our friends have B names. It will be so good to spend some time laughing with our old friends. Facebook just isn't enough to fill the gaps.

Okay, I have to go for now. I'll be posting lots of Maryland pics as we go - stay tuned!

11 February 2012

And this... Rio and MD

"This is Rio and Blue like the Bird from Rio and this is Maryland where Josiah lives and this... And this... And this... And this...wow this is beautiful... And this..."

I thought we were painting but we're actually doing more story telling than painting!

English class lessons about run-on sentences are going to be rough :-)

09 February 2012

Ugh. Misery loves company.

So I saw my GI last week and she prescribed a new Med that's "in the same family as the one that made you sick, but this one can't possibly make you sick like the last one." Well, I have news for you, Doc. It CAN possibly make me as sick as the last one. Maybe even a little More sick, if that's within the realm of gastrointestinal possibility. I took the meds at 10:30, was wide awake and doubled over by 1am. From past experience I know that this particular drug takes 2.5 days to clear my system. So, two more days without food or fun. Blech.
On the upside, Claire woke up and decided I must be lonely, so she's bawling from her bed in solidarity. Sweet girl.

Pray, hope and don't worry. ~ Padre Pio

07 February 2012

Erm...I suppose I could.

I am not one to shy away from controversial topics, but have had quite a time wrapping my head around this whole HHS Contraceptive Mandate Brouhaha.

More center-stage in the news was the Komen Spectacle of 2012. (From now on, we will refer to any massive flip-flop as "pulling a Komen.") Sheesh - was that a crazy week or what? Komen announces Planned Parenthood will no longer be eligible for grants, then they  are, then they are and they might not get them, blah blah, blabbity blah. The thing about Komen is this. You want to give cash to the perpetrators of the biggest genocide the world has ever seen? Good luck with that. I'll be over here in my corner, staying right with God. Everyone know that Planned Parenthood is BANANAS and that the staff and supporters of said "women's savior" will answer to a higher power at some point. Until then, nonprofits be CRAZY. I'll send my money elsewhere, permanently.

Then there were some other small things in the news. A few ultrasound laws were passed, some Prop 8 drama, Washington state legalized gay "marriage," and a couple of people tried to repeal some fetal heartbeat laws. (Which I so don't get. Are you seriously trying to tell me that you don't want mothers to hear the heartbeats of their unborn children so that they still feel completely free to kill them? Let me just pick my jaw up off the floor.)

 But the biggest news for us as Catholics is that the Obama administration has passed a law that will force Catholic institutions to cover the costs of contraceptives and abortifacients in their healthcare plans. Thank goodness we have a year to ditch our beliefs! But see, the thing is this. It's takes the Church about 20 years to change anything. Well, anything completely minor and largely unimportant. The important things? They don't change. Contraception falls into the "important" category. So...I guess we'll all go to jail, which is really nothing for Catholics. Please tell me some of you secularists have heard of martyrs before. The Roman Catholic Church has had an unbroken line of leadership since....gosh, the Crucifixion, was it? A year for the Catholic Church is like a millisecond for the average person. I'm guessing you could give us 4700 years to comply with the HHS law and it would still never happen.

And yeah, some catholics (notice I'm not capitalizing that) are all about contraception. But they're sort of like the brother that Mama prays for unceasingly, only to have them never show up for Sunday dinners or holidays. There's one (or several million) in every family, but they don't represent the good name of the family.

All I'm saying is, 1.147 billion people can't be swayed in a year. Oh and Mr. President? 1/4 of your voters are Catholics. In swing states. And they're pretty ticked. But you know, whatever.

05 February 2012

Sleepover and Mo eats a bug? Maybe?

Lucy's first sleepover was last night. I miss her stinky morning breath :-(

Molly's first sleepy words this morning when she found Claire and I in the play room... "Where's Woocy?"

Minutes later she dropped this gem:
A: You're a very special girl and I love you
Mo: (still rubbing her eyes sleepy) mumbles "I wuv you too"
A: Do you know why you're so special?
Mo: Because I ate a bug.

I was stumped. Here's hoping that she was just having a dream about eating bugs????

- Dad