31 October 2009

A Halloween Vacation!

Lucy's Cabbage Patch Doll "Baby Anna" is driving us batty, so to speak. Lucy insists that we "hode" her during every waking hour and "hode her haaaands" to make her gesture while we speak in a high "Baby Anna" voice.
Andrew and I are about ready to stage a walk-out. It's getting ugly. We're starting to hide when we see her coming. Well, when we see THEM coming. I suppose this is what makes you even more of a team in parenting; the plotting and scheming to stay sane.
So Baby Anna is taking a few weeks off. She'll be traveling the world from the comfort of the shelf in Lucy's closet. Yeah, it's that bad. We will pretend we haven't seen her, of course. It's the only way. We've tried everything else.

30 October 2009


Finally, the long-awaited tour of our house! I've really been putting this off, because I never have all the rooms clean at once and who wants to see a dirty house? Not me. So I decided to jump on it and just clean like crazy for an hour and get it posted!
Notice the adorable little footprint ghosties on the front door. The girls and I once again robbed my friend Cindy's genius to enjoy a holiday. Cindy is full of awesome ideas and crafts and I have a feeling that she'll be putting most of the magic in our holidays for years to come. Thanks Cindy!

Okay, so, here it is!

Friday Morning Fun

I'm on an organizing kick, so I'll be quick. My pantry calls!
I just paid a credit card bill that was larger than Andrew's paycheck. Ouch. I absolutely hate credit card debt, but boy was it nice this time around to have Andrew in TX with a card I didn't have to think about! I'll still have another chunk to pay next month, since we put our furniture on there by some twist of fate. It turned out for the best after all, so I'm pleased. We love, love, love our furniture and the bad bed was scooped up yesterday and hauled off to the dump! Hooray! I feel so grown-up now. This weekend I'm going to post pictures of the house. I promise. I just have to finish my organizing first. Oooh, I can post a VIDEO of the house! Faaaabulous.

Andrew will be home in a couple of hours, and then we're going to do all of our Friday afternoon things like putting the kids down for a nap and enjoying the silence! After naps we have plans to get over to the gym. I shouldn't have been so eager to get back to all the Cybex weight machines yesterday, though. I'm hurting. Guess I'll just stick to the elliptical today. My poor aching arms wouldn't stand for that abuse two days in a row.

We're still hoping and praying that Lucy's lost monkey costume shows up in time for Trick-or-Treating. Talk about a bummer. I have her way-too-small kittycat costume from last year and she has no idea she's worn it before. She's thrilled because Dora the Explorer was a ct in her Halloween movie, but I'm bummed because she's such a cute little monkey and the monkey costume actually FITS her. I'll keep hoping. Sigh.

Well, Molly is growling and pacing, so I guess it's snacktime!

29 October 2009

Pumpkin Carving

Andrew and A Louie are carving a pumpkin right now and I'm sneakily blogging while they're busy. It's a Mickey Mouse pumpkin and it's QUITE the event. We've never done a pumpkin in such amazing detail before and I'm terribly excited!
Today was juuuuust fiiine. We joined a gym today, because I need something to do, I have some more weight to lose and the weather's not going to be perfect forever. I took the girls and got a pretty good workout while they adjusted to the new playroom at the gym. Lucy thought it was a great time and has been asking for "the kids" all day. Perfection.
Tomorrow is Andrew's half day and then we'll head to the gym and spend the rest of the day at home with the ladies. I'll post our pumpkin pictures in the morning. You'll be wowed!

Baby Love

26 October 2009

Talking to the Walls, Y'all...

So, I thought it was really funny the other night when Lucy and I had this conversation:

Me: "Lucy! Eat your dinner!"

Lucy: "Wait. I have to do one thing."

Me: "After you eat you can do your one thing."

Lucy: "I willy fast. I just need to talk to your shoes."

Me: Blank stare.

How do you parent that? She's really into talking to inanimate objects lately and I can't decide if I should chalk it up to being two or look into whether or not she may be an Indigo Child.
The other night I found her in the living room, jumping on the couch and squealing, "I love you! I love you!" to a pillow. I'm at a serious loss. Everything has feelings and everything needs a special moment these days. It's funny, sweet and a little creepy.

The Weekend In Pictures

What a weekend we had in Fort Worth!

Andrew got home from his business trip on Friday and we drove straight to the store to buy a tricycle for Lucy. She was so excited! She picked out a red Radio Flyer and she just adores it.

She's been waking up in the mornings with a hearty "I wub my bike! Wet's go wide!"

Molly spent the weekend eating. No joke.

On Saturday we went to the Farmer's Market early in the morning for some produce and then headed to the lake in the afternoon for a little fishing! It was the perfect weather for being out in the sun and I have a little more color to show for it.

Like I said...

On Sunday we went to church and then headed to the Stockyards for the cattle drive and the Annual Cowboy Gathering.

Like a cattle drive stops Lunchbox Molly!

Once the banana was gone, she was happy to nurse until the cows came through.

We took the girls to Riscky's after the cattle drive for lunch and Lucy and I told secrets about heading to the candy store after lunch!

Lucy loved the Candy Barrel and made sure to fill her basket!

Andrew and the girls walking around Stockyards Station.

We went home for late naps and cookie baking, and Andrew carved Lucy's little pumpkin for her.

And Molly wrapped up the weekend with a snack and some couch cruising before hitting the hay!

25 October 2009

Weekend Preview!

We're leaving one of our weekend destinations now to head home for naps, but here's what I took on my phone! Nilon pics will be up tonight!

- Laura

24 October 2009

Mmm homemade salsa!!!

Holy cow, I knew I was lucky and she was talented in the kitchen but WOW! Homemade salsa!!!!

No recipe, just a farmers market in TX and mad culinary talent!!!


So, the cutest thing Lucy says is "fine" and she says it alllll day!

- Lucy takes a big fall and I ask if she's "okay"...... "I'm fine"

- how is molly?......"fine"

- how is her diaper ... "fine"

- does she need "to go"..... "no, I'm fine"

- are you hungry? ... "no tank you I'm fine"

It's just TOO cute.