29 September 2009

Scene 3

Molly lands on her face and is stuck. Lucy exclaims, "It was so fun
that she needed a nap! Look! She's sleeping!"

Scene 2

Lucy gives up on the begging and just pulls her down.

Scene 1

Lucy begs Molly to slide.

The Crying Game

Molly, the rootin'est, tootin'est 2-foot outlaw in these parts, has
yet another trick. Little Mo is now starting to cruise the furniture,
just one day after the 7 month mark. She was awake all night last
night, presumably preparing herself for milestone greatness. I can't
keep up. Molly is just about the craziest little person I've ever
encountered. I am SO glad our new house is stair-free. It'll be nice
not having to worry about Molly performing a trick and falling down
two flights or stairs. Mount Pleasant street would have been a very
bad match for our little firecracker. This way Molly can run and run
with my having to worry. I just didn't think she'd be pole-vaulting by
her first birthday.

26 September 2009

A long night and a new house.

Molly is in her room right, crying hysterically because I'm not
pulling her into my bed to nurse her. That's right...we're sleep
training! It's painful, but necessary.
Lucy is in bed, sleeping soundly after a long day of play.
I'm eating pumpkin bread and watching Celebrity Plastic Surgery on E!
I really wish I were snuggled up with my squishy little Poppers! This
will be harder for me than it will be for her. I'm just not ready to
put her in her own bed for good. Lucy never liked sleeping with me, so
I didn't have to go through separating from her in the cosleeping
sense. I really didn't think it would be this hard. I'm actually
crying as I sit here and think of sleeping without her tonight. :-
( I'm such a fan of her little sighing sleepy breathing and her
snuggly little fleece sleepers. This is awful.
I am, however, getting really psyched about moving into our new
house!! Andrew did all the dirty work this week and did all the paper
signing, negotiating and meetings, which was awesome. The movers will
be there next Friday to start all tr unpacking and stuff. Let me list
a few of my favorite things about out awesome new house.
The gigantic, new kitchen and huge eating bar.
The huge, nicely fenced backyard.
Walk-in closets!
Two bathrooms. Word.
The fact that our security system also has a radio in each speaker.
Maybe an intercom system? I have no idea, but it looked fun.
Four bedrooms.
Lucy's awesome new farm mural for her retro cowgirl room. And it's
pink and green! Yay!
Nice neighborhood, but every neighborhood in Texas is identical. I
could post a pic of our house and you'd still never find us, no matter
how hard you tried.
The house is nice, but it's far away and we have no furniture. Those
are the two downsides...we got rid of a ton of stuff, so we have a
couple of sofas and a crib, and that's mostly it. I'm psyched about
redecorating, but overwhelmed by the amount we have to do and the
amount of money it's going to cost...ah, well, no rush. We're not
really planning on entertaining anyone soon, anyway!
Well, Molly is still upset, so I have to go call my mom
for moral support. I hate this. Hate it, hate it, hate it.

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Playground Fun

A girl and her zippy.

Savvy Shopper!

We know she looks like her daddy, but apparently Molly also subscribes
to the belief that the shopper who stays in the car saves 100%.

25 September 2009

We Miss Him Too.

Can't wait to put us all back together again! Trust me, honey, you'll
really be missing the 6am wakeup call when you find out it's usually 5
or 5:30 these days!
I just wait to introduce Lucy to Texas. I know she's going to have
fun, but her most ardent wish right now is to play with Daddy!!

Also, Molly is the cutest baby EVER.

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Missing my ladies

Well I have found there is no substitute for my ladies. Tv stinks. The gym stinks. Dinners stink. Breakfasts stink.

Yes. I'm saying I miss 6AM milk runs. Diapers. Kiss attacks. Making lucy innocently say not-so-innocent things and smooching into Molly's mouth to hear her chuckle.

And most importantly I miss my wife! Just, everything about her!!!!  :-(

Fun at the park!

23 September 2009

A little cousin fun!

The perp

The victim

The aftermath


Lucy and I were sitting here on the couch and I heard a gunshot
outside. It's not a noise I tolerate well, so I got really tense and
nervous. Lucy jumped up on the couch and said, "what's that, mommy?" I
replied, "a gunshot!" Lucy got very nervous and said, "yes. A gunshot.
And it was no accident!"

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Lucy is actually in her room right now, having a full-out tantrum
because I won't give her chocolate milk. It's too early for this. I
thought yesterday's freakouts and whining were going to be bad, but
waking up to scream might take the cake. Looks like Mommy's going to
have to step it up a notch in the discipline department...sigh.

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22 September 2009

Storyville Fun!

Today Lisa and I took the kids to Storyville at the Rosedale library
and then to McDonald's for lunch. By lunchtime, it was meltdown city.
We're lucky to have made it home in one piece! The kids loved it! Lucy
and Josiah had a blast running all over the place, and the little
girls just loved the baby garden. We'll be going back next week with
Nina and Lil, who is celebrating her birthday today! We love you so
much sweet LillyBits! Lil is such a trip and she's getting so big! She
stayed with me on Saturday night and was a perfect angel - love that
kid! She and Lu play so well together now and Lilly always makes sure
to include Molly. She's a doll!
We're home now and Lucy is watching Fantasia and really loving
it...it's an old VHS copy, though, and the sound is totally whack. And
Mo is sleeping on me, under my iPhone, while I type with one hand.
Look out! Here come Storyville pics!

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21 September 2009


Lucy ended up taking a nap in the car this morning, so I decided she'd
probably be fine without a big one. I just gave the girls a bath and
Molly was falling apart, dying to nurse and nap. So I told Lucy we'd
put on a "new" movie. We pulled out The Little Mermaid and she's just
entranced. She's supposed to be resting quietly, but she's so into the
movie that she keeps shrieking and laughing and then turning to me
with a whispered "Shh!! Sorry Mommy!" She kills me.

A fine thing.

My 6-month-old, waiting to get into the tub. We're guessing she'll be
walking by 9 months. Nothing stops this baby!

20 September 2009

Is this thing on?

Let's see if I can blog from my new iPhone! If you're reading this on
my blog, send me a text or something. My phone won't let me see my
blog background, so I can't tell if it actually posts! If it DOES
work, I have lots to say!

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11 September 2009

A 3-Year Retreat

The farmhouse is packed up and the doors are locked! The truck drove away last night and we'll meet it in Texas in a few weeks. We had a lovely farewell picnic last night and the girls and I came downstate late in the evening.
It's a little surreal leaving Western Maryland. Our pace of life in Allegany County has always been so slow, quiet and isolated. For me, the drive down into the Baltimore/Washington area is a little strange because I won't be able to escape back into the mountains when it's all over. I feel like we've been secluded on a retreat for the past 3 years, and now we have to readjust to the "real" world. I know that our pace of life is going to pick up a lot and I'm not really eager for that. I know that with raises and promotions comes a new way of looking at things and I'm a little wary of our "new" life in Texas. I don't want our state of mind to change with all of the changes we have ahead of us.
I'm so excited about house-hunting, furniture shopping and the big move, but I feel like in a way it does come at a cost. For me, living in the mountains is spiritual. I love the smell of the damp trees, the quiet insulation of the leaves, the early morning fog and the lightning bugs at night. My life has always had damp trees in it. I'm not sure how I'm going to adjust to the dusty warmth of Texas. Giving up the mountains feels like giving up a piece of me and that's something I'm really going to have to get through.
On the other hand, we leave in two days for our home-finding trip! Can't wait to share pictures with all of you!
In other news, at the ripe old age of 6 months, Molly is pulling up on everything and starting to climb whatever she can find. I'm in SO much trouble. As I type this, shes eating her way through a magazine rack, so I need to go!

08 September 2009

Ridiculous Amounts of Stuff.

I can't even begin to tell you everything I've accomplished today. I'm going to list it so that Andrew can read it when he comes home to a disaster of a house.
  • Went to PO, got mail, set up forwarding, got instructions on making final address change to TX
  • Got all of my new bank info and got my online banking set up AND enrolled all my bill pay stuff
  • Printed a bunch of moving info from different contractors
  • Cancelled my power service and arranged for my internet disconnect
  • Changed like, 12 diapers.
  • Rescued a magazine page from Molly's mouth
  • Hard-boiled eggs for my lunch.
  • Emailed back and forth with the current owner of my future double jogging stroller.
So, yeah. I've been busy.

06 September 2009

Bedtime Stories

Lucy was having a FIT tonight when we put her to bed, because Grandma's here and she wanted to play. She started crying for like, the third time and I went up to give her another talking-to. After we talked for a few minutes, I said, "Okay, I need to got get Molly and put her to bed, so you need to go to sleep." She asked, "Is Molly tired?" I told her that yes, Molly was tired, so it was time to sleep. Lucy said to me, "Oh, ok. Just don't let her eat my shoes, okay?"


About a Sunday.

Today was our last Mass at Cook Chapel. It was bittersweet. Andrew's mama came up this morning and we all went out to breakfast and then to campus for a few pictures and Mass. The girls were perfect and adorable, as usual.

Here's a picture of Molly under the tree where Andrew and I spent so many autumn afternoons, "studying," kissing and falling in love.

The girls at the tree.

Here are the girls on the patch of sidewalk where Andrew and I were lying and talking the moment I knew we'd end up with a passel of adorable babies. We'd met only days before and it was really our first conversation. Two strangers lying under the stars on a sidewalk after a party, chatting about life and staring into the unknown together.

And now, heading into the unknown again, we'll be taking off with two awesome little traveling companions, right from our patch of sidewalk in Frostburg.

Lu modeling Grandma's sunglasses. This kid has so much sass it's oozing!

Molly first real meal at the Princess!

And what a bang for your buck!

04 September 2009

Big Girl!

Well, Molly Poppers is crawling now! She's such a little ham and I just love watching her scoot around the house. She never lets anything stop her. She's going to be tough to keep up with, but all of the people I've ever admired were tough to keep up with, too. The chasing years fly by and then all I'll have left is a child who never gives up and always stay busy. Not a bad tradeoff.

Tomorrow we're heading downstate for a day trip. Lyddie Boo Boo is turning! I had a blast birthday shopping today - it's a good thing Andrew wasn't there. The Lydster will benefit so much more because of his absence. I'd totally take pictures of all the cuteness, but Lisa would read it and then there would be no surprise, so...no. Shopping for little girls thrills me to a scary degree.

We leave next Sunday for our homefinding trip! Yay! I'm so excited about picking out a house! The houses we have lined up are all gorgeous and new and shiny, so it's just a matter of picking the one I like the best. That's totally a new thing for me, so I'm really psyched. Lucy will stay in MD with Mimi and Aunt Lisa. I'm sure that'll totally bum her out. Every time she falls down she cries, "I need Mimi! I need Grandma! I need Weesa! I need Siah! I need PaPa! I need John!" I'll be home right about the time she starts to realize I'm not there.
I think I'm going to try to push for a 4-bedroom house so that the girls can each have their own room until Baby #3 comes along. With Molly still up at night, I think we'll hold off on putting them together until she's a more sound sleeper. I'm guessing we'll put them together around Christmas. I'm also guessing we'll probably start talking about Baby #3 around Christmas, too, so I think it'll work out well. I've been falling asleep every night with visions of decorating dancing through my head, but I have yet to come up with anything fabulous. My choices are as follows:

  • Retro Cowgirl
  • In the Garden
  • Tea Party
  • Pink and Green (or will decorating in DZ colors subliminally push them toward sorority life?)
  • Birds
I can't think of any more. I'd love to do a pink and green and brown sparrow room, and I think it'd be SO cute. I think maybe less is more? Of course, once they're together, I can also decorate a playroom, but it should be easily convertible into a gender neutral nursery for "next baby."

Well, Poppers is refusing to nap and playing happily on the living room floor, so I should probably take advantage and get something done! My desk is still a tad scary, so I think I'll start there!

Pictures coming soon- these two are so funny, I've got lots to share! Kisses!