30 November 2008

Cookie Bake 2008! (and working on Lucy's Xmas gift)

Another super-successful cookie bake!

Turkey Day 2008!

From left, clockwise, turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, roll, green bean casserole, sweet potato. THAT'S about as good as it can get for Thanksgiving!!! (Yes, there was cranberry sauce available, it's just not my thing!)

Thanksgiving Wknd Misc. Pictures

Misc. weekend pics!

Our Nativity Set

Katie and Jeff gave Lucy an adorable pair of Uggs and I just had to put them up here! Lucy thinks they're just the neatest thing she's seen!

Daddy and Lu on Thanksgiving

Daddy and Lu just before Thanksgiving.

Lucy's final attempt at dodging naps.

Lucy's first snow day- she insisted on bringing her baby, an extra hat, a sippy and an elephant for the new experience.

...and even that didn't help!

Lucy trying out Mama's gloves.

What a weekend!

Well, I'm going to blog all of my pictures tonight, but for now I will say that we had a great weekend and we're paying for it with a very cranky toddler. She's been mostly beside herself since she woke up at 5:30. Yes, not 6:30 like the past 3 days. Giant sigh. She's helping Daddy fix the bathroom door right now, but I'm thinking she'll be back to her old tricks soon.
We're going to head to Mass in a little bit and then we'll be back here to have a quiet afternoon. My hosting duties are officially done for the season and I'm moving on to comfort, peace and joy for the next two months. I have a lot to do on the VBAC front and Lucy and I are going to max out on holiday crafts and all sorts of "indoor fun."
The cookie bake yesterday was a blast and left me absolutely exhausted. I do just fine if I go, go, go and stop myself from sitting down. The problem with sitting is that once I make those poor muscles in my lower back rest, they absolutely can't recover without at least a full night of sleep. I sat down on the couch last night with the heating pad and Andrew had to LIFT me off the couch and get me on my feet and my legs just kept falling out from under me. It's so strange to have energy but not have the strength to use it! We tried to watch 3:10 To Yuma last night, but I totally passed out within the first 20 minutes. I really like that movie, too...
Oh, today is VERY icy and nasty outside, so Andrew says we have to leave for Mass extra early to be safe. I can handle that if I stop blogging and get dressed!
Andrew and Tim and Jeff made awesome progress on the kitchen and it's almost done! I'll blog pics tonight. Lucy is going to FREAK when she finally knows what it is. From here on out we'll have to keep it hidden. We just have the detail work to do now and I have to get my curtain "order" in to Mom for the final product. We didn't know how big the kitchen would be so I just left the fabric with her to finish up!
Ok, off to dress the bulge...

29 November 2008

Thanksgivin' Fun!

I didn't get a chance to do a Thanksgiving post, but Mom did and she was here with us, so you can see our Thanksgiving fun HERE. Today is the Second Annual Fabulous Holiday Cookie Bake, so I'll make sure we're taking LOTS of pictures while the fun is happening! I'll even try to blog tonight, if I'm not completely exhausted!