29 June 2008

Pigtail Princess

Today was Lucy's first day in pigtails! You thought she was cute before? Whew! They make her about 40 times cuter. And about 40 times more mischievous.

27 June 2008

House pics!

Well, the house is coming along splendidly! We have made huge progress on the downstairs bedroom, the upstairs bedroom and Lucy's bedroom.

Here is the downstairs bedroom. We painted it a gorgeous lavender color and it's like a spa!

We did the upstairs in a very pretty green with darker green accents on the den side.

On Lucy's side, well...you can just see for yourself.

We repainted the kitchen and are VERY pleased with the results. It's just so homey and fun!

Oh, for the love of pete...

The carpet guys got here at 9:30. It's now 2pm. They've only finished one room, and I really doubt the countless smoke breaks are helping them work faster. Lucy desperately needs a nap and will not sleep anywhere but her crib, and I can't take her for a drive because they're here. She keeps running to the stairs and pointing up to her crib. Poor kid!
At this rate, Andrew will be home before they're done. Jeez. Guess we'll go clean the bedroom while we wait. Throwing herself around on our bed will distract her for awhile. Thank goodness she found an open package of animal crackers somewhere. She's laying on the hardwood floor talking to a hippo.

26 June 2008

Finally sitting...

It's been a long day. We're turning Lucy's bedroom upstairs into a toddler paradise and it's draining me!
When I got pregnant with Lucy, I didn't get to decorate a nursery. We were in a tiny little apartment with not even enough room for her little pack n play. I was disappointed, but delivering a healthy baby was more important. So, now that Lucy has a bedroom of her own, it's my obsession. I want it to be perfect! We painted her walls green and she has all different sized polka dots in a lot of different colors. Tomorrow morning I'm painting a magnetic chalkboard on the wall and hanging her cute little polka dotted curtains. At 9am, we're having carpet installed and it should match perfectly. I can't WAIT to post pictures! I've been hand painting circles all day and it looks so beautiful. It looks like a place where Lucy's imagination can run wild and I just love it. We're not very materialistic people, but we like our home to be comfortable and peaceful. Lucy's room really reflects that and it just looks like her mommy and daddy want her to love her little piece of this home. I love it.
Grandma also brought up Lucy's big girl bed! She won't be moving into it until next spring, but it's waiting patiently for her! Josiah grew out of it in a blink so it made it's way to us sooner than we expected! I think we'll put it together this fall so that we can "get used to it." The crib will eventually have someone else sleeping in it, but I think that's going to be a struggle I don't want to think about! Lucy loves her crib so much, maybe more than chocolate! Today while I painted she just sat in it and watched me, totally thrilled to be in her favorite place with her favorite Mama.

24 June 2008


I had a lovely day with Lucy. She's so funny. Andrew came home around 5 and brought me a gorgeous pair of diamond earrings, just because it was Tuesday. Perfect. I love him so much. It was so wonderful to receive such a beautiful gift, just standing in my kitchen heating up a casserole.

Lucy Says Grace

18 June 2008


Here are a couple more lake pics!

Today we went to story hour and Lucy had a blast! She just loves other kids! They were all older than she was, but she kept up just fine!

When Andrew got home tonight we decided to walk to Mario's for dinner. Lucy was being pretty beastly until we gave her spaghetti!

Mama Told Me Not To Toast...

Well, yesterday morning I smelled something burning. We ran all over the house trying to figure out where the smell was coming from, only to lose it and assume it was a strange fluke. Last night, we smelled it again. Turns out "someone" may have popped a small plastic utensil into the toaster while it was shelved...

We went toaster shopping today.

16 June 2008

Almost done...

I have about half my pics loaded and there's a big storm starting, so I'll finish in the AM!

Keeping my picture promise!

Here is Lucy's gift to Daddy for Father's Day- I LOVED the pic on the end so I framed an extra for the mantle. It's so Lucy. I had a lot of fun putting this together and Andrew took it to work to show it off in his office.

Lucy and Mr. J. playing in the hammock. Lucy is now a hammock freak!

Lucy and Mama playing shuffleboard.

Andrew and Miss K. were trying to make Lucy smile and I had to get them in the picture.

Andrew tubing in the very cold lake!

Lucy and Miss K having fun in the sun.

The lake house- it was just so gorgeous and relaxing!

Deep Creek Lake on Sunday morning.

Me and K on the dock.

K finally catches her Bluegill!

Lucy and Daddy relaxing on Father's Day.

Tuckered out after some major lake fun!

My new flowerbed! I think if you click on the pic you can see it better.

The new living room pics- we love it!

All in all, Lucy had a GREAT weekend and we came back feeling refreshed and ready to go! Today we're doing a LOT of laundry and cleaning the house! I've already swept and mopped the floors and I want to get the dining room spic and span before Lucy wakes up from her very early morning nap!

There will be blogging.

Tonight, Andrew or myself will post pics from this weekend at the lake. I promise. I've been planting flowers all day, and if Andrew knew I was using the Mac with my grubby, stained hands I'd be in so much trouble...

I'm planting petunias because they were the only all-white flowers I could find, and they're the only thing Grandma taught me to care for really well! I also planted a couple of juniper bushes and hung some hanging baskets! AND I'm painting over the mantle! Andrew is going to be blown AWAY when he gets home!!!

10 June 2008

Mother to a giant boogerhead.

I cannot believe her.

For the past month or so, the three of us have developed the nasty habit of a 5:30am bottle. Sometimes she goes back to sleep, sometimes she doesn't. We've wanted to stop that nonsense, but vacation and family visits doesn't really lend itself to sleep training. Who wants to hear a 13 month old screaming for an hour?
So last night was the end of that nonsense. She took a bottle at 8pm and slept soundly until 5:30. When she woke up, I went up, handed her a pacifier and said, "Not time to get up yet!" and I left. Haven't heard from her since. It's not 6:46. The weather outside is perfect and I want to get out for a walk, but she's still snoozing like a teenage boy.

And here we thought we'd have a major battle on our hands...She does this almost everytime we decide to wean her from something or drastically change her schedule. We make the decision, and she does it like she was there for the meeting. Ridiculous. Now she's just lying in wait for tomorrow morning and we're living in fear. She has us exactly where she wants us, confused and terrified.

Oh, she has says "fishie" now! It's really cute. She also learned how to tickle. I'm going to try to get a video of that today. She squeaks in a high-pitched voice and waves her hands and says "ti ti ti ti ti!!"

Vacation pictures are coming! I got them all moved from my laptop to the Mac and now I just have to upload them! I'll have it done within 24 hours, I promise!