27 May 2008

Normally I would be napping, too.

Crabby Lu just went down for her nap and I'm not really feeling tired, so I'll type. I just did the dishes. After having a very badly clogged drain for a week and a half, Andrew decided that $200 was too much to pay to unclog a drain, and he did it himself! He took everything apart and did a fabulous job getting everything cleaned out and put back together. I had no idea what a luxury it was to have a sink that drained.
So, after he fixed the sink last night, we cleaned the main floor of the house like crazy and then collapsed to watch TV. It made waking up this morning feel just wonderful!
We sure love this house. Our neighbors leave something to be desired, but our house is just wonderful. We love our view, whether we're using binoculars or not. We love the breeze that comes through the whole house when you open the windows. We love the big dining room that echoes when Lucy runs through it screaming with laughter. We love the little bench out front. We love having the space to spread out as far as we need to. We love passing out at 11pm listening the creaks and moans of the wood. This house fits us really well and we couldn't have asked for a better place to raise our little girl.

A very successful day already!

Lucy and I got out of the house very early and walked to the Post Office to mail a shirt. When we got home, Lucy played in the mud while I emptied all of the house scraps out of Andrew's truck and into the street for trash pickup. Apparently they come by with a giant backhoe once a month and pick up anything you feel like getting rid of! We were able to get rid of everything! Yay!

At the post office, someone commented on how happy Lucy is. It was very cute because as she said this, Lucy was waving and yelling "Hi! Hi! Hi!" to everyone in the room. The postmaster said, "Well that's because her mommy never stops talking to her! She's such a good mommy and tells her about everything!"

I was pleased as punch. Mommying is exhausting and it's nice when a perfect stranger notices your parenting, isn't it?
Lucy is napping for the time being and then we're going to do...something. I'm not sure what. We don't have a car and it's raining, and Andrew didn't leave the stroller her anyway...ugh. I guess we'll wait and go for a walk with him when he gets home, provided it's not pouring!

Pics, Finally!

Well, Lucy's sleeping for a few, so if some of these pics aren't captioned, you'll know where I disappeared to.

My BEAUTIFUL Mother's Day flowers from Andrew- such a sweet guy!

Lucy and Ben enjoying some pizza on moving day!

Bonnie, coming home to the new house!

Lucy trying out the new tub!

My amazing $10 table!

The kitchen, finally looking clean after the sink drain was fixed by my very handy husband!

Our gorgeous dining room!

The living room- still needs paint! We also need to hang all of the pictures that are stacked on the mantle!

Yesterday being Memorial Day, we took Lucy to her first carnival! She had so much fun!

Daddy and Lu

Lego Guy and I getting friendly.

Lucy's first carousel ride.

Lucy's first carnival food- a corndog!

20 May 2008

Pictures are coming!

...but not until I get the living room curtains hung.

The stroller was left out in the rain last night. Ugh.

17 May 2008


Everything is moved in and I should be in bed, but Andrew insists on putting out bed together. Lucy is sleeping upstairs tonight and we're sleeping downstairs. I am nervous about that.
I love our new house! Pics tomorrow!

15 May 2008


Internet is down til next week! See you all after the move!

13 May 2008


It's 7:38 and Lucy is just now waking up. I woke up at 5:45, had breakfast, read a magazine, showered, got dressed and am just hanging out. I SHOULD be packing, but this is just so amazing that I can't concentrate on moving! This is her 3rd morning in a row! I even shaved my legs!!!!

12 May 2008

Lucy's Birthday Plane!

Aunt Nina, Uncle Johnny and Cousin Lilly gave Lucy a plane for her birthday! She can't get enough!

Countdown to Heartbreak Day 1

Suz leaves for stupid Indiana in 5 days. I'm sure there's something good about Indiana, but it's not coming to mind. :-( I am sadder than sad. And I still haven't found the perfect "Graduation-goodbye-don't leave-We'll miss you-please write-we love you" gift.

Suz and LucyBeans relaxing, May 2007

Happy Mother's Day!

What a wonderful, rainy Mother's Day! Andrew and Lucy let me sleep in late, and then we went to church and out to lunch! It was lovely, even though Lucy is scared of the crazy Hibachi man.
I would like to wish a special Happy Mother's Day to my mom, who has successfully helped me through my first year of motherhood. Raising a tiny redhead has taken all of my strength and patience, and I'm not sure that Lucy and I would be in one piece if it weren't for Mom's guidance! She is an amazing woman, and I am the luckiest girl in the world, having her for my mom.
I would also like to wish Andrew's mom a happy Mother's Day- she is my other go-to girl for all of these questions, and she's an amazing mom and grandma! She encourages Lucy to get in lots of trouble and treats all of her grandchildren as if they were the only baby in the world. We're so blessed to have her in our life!

11 May 2008

Mouse's Birthday Party

Lucy's Birthday Party was so fun! We had a truly wonderful time and it was so good to see our friends and family!

04 May 2008

Our Little Mouse is Turning One!

This week, Lucy turns one year old!

Can you believe how quickly time flies? When we found out we were expecting, we were definitely surprised! I remember it like it was yesterday, smashing into Andrew in front of Annapolis Hall, so excited and scared to tell him the news. He said, "This is the proudest day of my life."

We had a perfect pregnancy and a very easy time waiting for Lucy. The calm before the storm!

Seeing her little face in our 4D ultrasound was so surreal - we could see her peach fuzz hair, but we had no idea just how red it would be!

Lucy was born on May 9th at 5:37am. She was 7lbs, 14oz and looked very unimpressed. After 40 hours of labor and a scary emergency surgery, Andrew and I just cried and cried, so relieved that our baby was safe and healthy!

We had so many visitors waiting to meet Lucy! Aunt Suz stole Lucy away immediately and has yet to unwrap herself from Lucy's finger!

Dr. Haidar, our OBGYN, whose wonderful care delivered our sweet girl to us safely and carefully.

Lucy's "You can't be serious" face.

Lucy, Mama and Daddy at home - 1.5 weeks old.

We fell in love with Lucy from the start, and I think we'll always be able to find one more thing we love about her.

There have been a few tears, but Lucy has brightened our life more than words can ever say.

She's the joy of our life and the love in our hearts, and we're so proud and happy to say "Happy Birthday" to our sweet Anna Lucille. Parenthood has bonded Andrew and I together in a very fun and different way, and Lucy is the best little friend two parents could have. We can't wait to see what year number 2 brings! We love you, Lucy!