29 March 2008

Waiting and waiting...

I am trying to be patient. I contacted our RE agent and told her what we wanted to do in terms of, well, terms. Now I'm waiting to hear from her so that she can plug in the numbers and bring it by for us to sign. I just want to know if I can pick out paint colors.
We decided to go for a pretty low offer in the hopes that they'll counter and then we'll counter and then we'll settle. That would be the ideal. I'll admit, my hopes are already up.
Sigh...I'm going to try really hard to just be patient and incredibly flip about the entire thing. That's just difficult because I may be just a month away from owning my own washer and dryer...

28 March 2008

We need your prayers!


Here is a link to the pictures of the house we're going to put an offer on. We love it and think it would be a great fit for our family. Please say a prayer that this works out for us! I know God has a plan for us, but I'd like this to be it!

26 March 2008

The Big, Bad Bunny Blog.

Well, it's been a LONG time since I really updated this blog! I'm going to let the pictures do the talking! It all started weekend before last with Easter gifts from Grandpa Jim and Grandma Tammy! A cute little frog and some candy showed up to kick our Easter season into high gear. Lucy was so excited!

About two hours after that, Aunt Nina and Cousin Lilly showed up! Yay! Silly Lilly was in rare form as usual.

We took the babies to the mall to see the Easter Bunny...

And her turned out to be horror-movie scary. Both girls were very brave!

Lucy ate sweet potato fries, but that has nothing to do with Easter.

She also killed a little time on the computer, since the weather has been so cold.

She ALSO went to her first roller skating party! Here is the shirt Mama made for the occasion.

On Saturday morning, Cousin Josiah, Aunt Lisa, Uncle Michael and Grandpa rolled into town for the weekend! Here are Lucy and Josiah reading a book with Grandpa. This is the 3rd rendition of the story, so you can imagine how Grandpa was feeling...

We kicked off Easter morning in our pretty clothes- Daddy even did Lucy's hair for the day! Well, the first 10 minutes of the day...

Lucy's Easter goodies- the ones on the left were from the Grandparents Merkel, and the right was from the Easter Bunny.

Lucy inspecting her goodies from Grandpa and Grandma Merkel- a swimsuit in the bottom of the basket means summer is almost here!

Lucy and Josiah inspecting their baskets.

Lucy's Easter Card...

And chocolate bunny...

...And new movie!

And of course, no Easter would be complete without Peeps.

Lucy's first bite of chocolate.

The family on Easter Morning

After church we went to Kristy and Eric's to see Xander and have an easter egg hunt!

Lucy was pooped from the egg hunt but had no problem putting Josiah in his place when he DARED to try to play with her toy.

Holding Josiah back.

Shouldering him out to max out on toy time. Lucy only plays with two year old boys, so she's gotten used to being a little pushy with her toys. We're working on being nicer, but it's hard to teach an 11 month old to share! She's really not afraid to push the big boys over and take what she wants, which is quickly becoming a bit of an issue.

We all went back to the house for Easter Dinner, and Father Ed and Suz came over too! Here is Suz playing Guitar Hero like a pro.

Lucy and Josiah. These two are really something. In almost every picture I have of the two of them, they're doing the exact same thing. I've never seen two toddlers so in tune with each other. The Lucy/Josiah love runs deep!

Lucy and Xander banging on the fridge and screaming. Very fun.

Lucy wakes up on Monday morning to find that everyone has gone home and left her with empty Peep cartons and no one to play with.

Getting ready for a day of househunting!

Pooped from a day of househunting!

18 March 2008

Long Day!

Lucy and I had a long day. Here she is using the computer between naps. She LOVES kneebouncers.com!

Here she is hiding from me in the dining room. Don't see her? Well that's because she's a good hider!Then we went out for a long drive and met Daddy at the mall for dinner and a little shopping! Mama got new air fresheners for the car! Woop woop! A good day. Tonight I'm going to crawl into bed after a hot shower, and read my book until I fall asleep. Gooooood night!

17 March 2008

Lucy the Leprechaun Says...

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!!

Lucy has already made lots of messes and problems this morning, like any good leprechaun. The most eventful being the moment she decided to reach for whatever she could grab on the kitchen table. That item turned out to be a bowl of cereal. I have no idea how to clean that much milk out of the carpet. So I swept up all of the little Cheerios that were cheerfully floating on my carpet, and then I grabbed a big bucket of hot water and diluted the milk as best I could, and used a big bathroom towel to soak up all of the liquid. I'm going to survey the damage in a bit and see if it needs more help.
She's napping now, so hopefully that little devil inside her will head out of town with enough rest...

16 March 2008

The Most Important Rule of Parenting is...

...rules were meant to be broken. Never, ever, ever use the phrase "When I have kids..." if you don't have kids. It makes the parents who are teetering on the brink of insanity laugh this scary little carny laugh.

Lucy has been waking up at 10:30 every night and fussing and generally sending us to bed disgruntled and crabby, what with falling asleep to baby noises. No tired Mommy wants to hear her baby as she drifts off. Tonight was no exception. She was in rare form, hanging her head and howling at us, waiting for someone to rescue her. I am tired. I am just trying to muster the strength to wash my face, and she's howling.

She's such a sweet little thing, but a little fried from the weekend craziness, which I'll blog in more detail at a later date. Mommy is a little fried too, but that's to be expected.

We try Tylenol. We try taking off the sleeper and putting on a t shirt. (New. Pink with flowers.) We try walking with Daddy. We try turning down the heat. We let her cry. Nothing. I finally say, "What about a bottle? I mean, I know she ate at 7, but could she still be hungry?" Andrew tells me to try it. I pick her up and she snuggles right into me, so happy to have been rescued from her evil crib. She has a few drinks and pops her paci back in, enjoying Mommy's Palm Sunday Dinner Pudge, which acts like a nice, warm pillow. I melt a little as she puts her finger in my nose, enjoying our quiet time. As I pop her back into her cribs, she smiles a little, knowing she's bested us yet again, and won the battle.

Well Toots, you might have won the battle, but you didn't win the war...

12 March 2008

Our Sweet Girl

What is it about Lucy that's so darn lovable? I have a very hard time putting my finger on it. She's just so incredibly adorable. The name Lucy means "Light." Somehow that fits her very well. She just brings so much happiness and light to us. She puts a special light in the eyes of the people she meets and for the love of Pete, her hair isn't just light, it's on fire! She is such a sweet little thing.
We spent the morning running around, to and fro. We got home around 12 and Lucy ate lunch and played on the floor while I ate my salad. She went down for a long nap, which was very nice for me. When she woke up, we played on the floor for almost two hours. Lucy read her books, which is quickly becoming her favorite activity. She flips through each and every one very slowly, looking at every little piece of each picture. Today I watched her holding a book, and she just stared at the cover, her little eyes flickering all over trying to understand the whole picture. She has a very deep love for books and really knows how to use them carefully. It's just amazing to watch her sitting so quietly, turning the pages like a big girl.

Here are some pictures of her reading "Where's Baby's Valentine?"

Unfortunately, this book did have a little accident. It's a lift-the-flap book and Lucy's not quite sure how to lift the flaps carefully enough yet. She happened to tear one of the flaps off and it's waiting for Daddy to fix it. Nevertheless, she set it aside very carefully and is patiently waiting for it to be fixed.

I had my doctor's appointment this morning. It went well, but I do have some tests to have done. I'll be having a complete blood workup on Friday, since the doctor found that my reflexes were a little slow and my thyroid was enlarged. I'll also be having an EKG on Friday, since she also found that my heart was acting a little funny. I'm sure it's nothing, and I'm excited for my follow-up on the 26th! Lucy was a very good girl at the doctor's office and sat very quietly while I had my checkup. Such a sweet girl!