31 July 2007

I Think My Kidney Hurts.

I don't know...I have a pain. Andrew just called, around 3. He is out of his meetings and on his way to dinner, and then he'll be home! Lucy is sleeping. I should be packing. But this is usually her long nap, so I think I'm safe.
See April's Blog! What a great deal! I am so excited about taking all of Target's baby food.
Andrew is going to freak when he see how much there is. I'll try to get a picture of his reaction.

Moving Tomorrow...Went To The Mall....

...because now is obviously the perfect time to buy a new checkbook cover. I'm easily distracted...
Lucy is now napping, and once she wakes up we need to swing into high gear and get moving! Andrew is gone to Baltimore for the day, so we have until approximately 9pm to finish packing and run our errands. We're running out to pick up the new keys and the laundry as soon as I see the whites of her eyes, and then we're coming back here to finish the packing. I was up pretty late last night trying to get things done. I like staying up by myself in a quiet house, just puttering around and doing my thing. Andrew went to bed at 9 because he had to be up at 3:45, so I had the evening to myself to relax and pack. Today...I am not relaxed. But I have a new checkbook cover! But I think I want a nice leather one for Christmas. I also want a Nikon D80. That is going to be harder to talk Andrew into...it's $1300 of photographic fun. Oh hey! I just taught myself how to put a link in text! Neato.
Well, I'm off to get some more stuff into boxes. I'm doing pretty good, but it's hard to get anything done with my little monkey up and awake, so I'm on borrowed time, here!

29 July 2007

Weekend Updates!

Well, it's been a LONG weekend. We've been packing and shopping and walking and organizing...I'm pooped. And tomorrow we have lots more to do!
On Friday, Lucy and I decided to try out a new position in the wrap. She loved it, but it was the wrong kind of fabric. I think we'll stop by Crystal's tomorrow and grab the old wrap so we can use it on moving day. It would be a huge help! Lucy loves this new position- she loves being able to see where she's going!
This position makes her look a lot more chubby than she actually is, but who care? Certainly not her!

In the below picture, sh'e not crying! I promise! I took the picture mid-sneeze! Even her sneeze's are adorable!

She looks like her papa in this one!
Maxin' & Relaxin' in the now-infamous Lucy pose.

Dad just changed my diaper... HOORAY!

Happily chewing on my boppy while under my floor gym!

Andrew & I labored all evening to make this beautiful new shelf
"Lucy" hanging decoration that will be on her new wall soon!

More beautiful decorations for Lucy's room

The new crib linens for Lucy's new crib that her Grandma Sue is going to bring up when we move!
She was crying, so I came into the bedroom to check on her & she had flipped the pacificier up and it landed on her forehead! (No photoshop here, I promise! This is real!)

You may not hear from me this upcoming Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday because of all the moving festivities, but I'll put up some photos of all our beautiful new furniture when it's all said & done!


Well, today was just dandy. We got up around 8- Lucy was in bed with us after sneaking in around 5:30 to play. We dozed while she rolled around and screamed out her morning happiness. She does love Saturdays with Daddy. We went out to Super Shoes, because Andrew needed a little shopping spree. Poor guy has been wearing his brown dress shoes Oliver style. He also got some new running shoes- yay!
We went over to Lowes and bought PAINT! I am so excited. Then we ran out to Roderick's and finaled our dining room set order for delivery this week. I'm just pumped. We came home and got to work on Lucy's shelf. This poor shelf...Tim built it for me when I was about 15, and I had it in my room for years. Then I went to college and the boys used it, and somehow I finaggled it out of the house when I moved out for good, and took it to Essex, where we painted it brown. Then we painted it red when I was about 8 months pregnant, thinking we were going to do Lu's room in red and white. That was stupid. Today we painted it white, and painted little pink and purple flowers all over it, and it looks better than it ever has before. It's SO adorable. I also painted two big flower hooks for her room, and a couple of little wooden words that say "smile" and "dream." Her room is going to be adorable. We bought the paint for her room today- new light lilac- it's almost white, but it'll look really cute once we get everything moved in.
We've decided to do the ice blue in the living room, against Katie's advice. I hope she forgives me. Our furniture is brown leather and espresso wood, and I think the blue will be really neat. I hope. Sigh...
Tomorrow we're going to run up to Food Lion to get boxes and donuts and then we're going to head to Church for a little Jesus time. Then we will be back here packing and organizing, and I might send Andrew and Lucy out for a long walk so I can have some Mommy time alone. We'll see how the weather acts. I will post pictures tomorrow- I have to pull Andrew away from the Wii so wii can go to bed!

27 July 2007


Lucy and I had an exhausting day, and she's down for a nap while i blog with burning eyes! We went to the PO, we changed our Comcast address, we changed our electric address, we went to Walmart and bought all sorts of things to paint her shelves, we went out to lunch with Daddy and we picked up the laundry. We were also accosted by an overly excited elderly woman at Walmart, and we picked out new jeans for me. Just a few pounds left to go! I think I'm over the 6 week plateau and losing again. I'm hoping to get to 125 before I stop! I bought jeans in the juniors section, so I'm pleased, but I still have to figure out what to do with that little belly pouch that you get after you deliver. It's slowly going down, but not enough to make me anxious to conceive another child anytime soon...
Andrew should be home any time and we're going to get crackin' on the packin'! I think we'll work on Lucy's shelf tonight and work on packing tomorrow. Her shelf is going to be so cute. I also bought little wooden flower hooks that I need to paint, and little wooden signs that say "dream" and "smile" that I need to paint. I am so excited about doing a nursery, having waited so long past her birth. We bought her bedding, and it's just so cute.
Ok, I really need to go and get this place in shape before Andrew gets home. It's....scary.

26 July 2007

The Week In Pictures

Sucking on Mama's finger. Yum!

Lucy's first back to tummy attempt!

"Arrrrrrr Matey!!!"

Pretty Girl!
Lucy in her Silly Hat!

Such a sweet face!

I'm so in love with this picture!

Playing in her Boppy.

Lucy in her bonnet!

Lucy's first belly buzzer- "Please Daddy, no more!"

Lucy waiting to leave for Mass.

Watching her fishie!

On her way out the door!
Lucy C, tummy time extraordinaire!

Watching her playmat.

Watching Mama reconstruct her Gymini!

So strong!

Playing with her tiger friend.

Lucy in her new Gymini!

Up close and personal with her tiger.

Lucy figuring out how her hands work!

Nothing is more exhausting than an immature nervous system!

The cookies we slaved over all day yesterday!

10 Minutes Of Quiet...

Lucy is going to be up any second...I should be taking the trash out instead of blogging, but I just wanted a little internet time to myself...
Yesterday was good. Oh, I need to take the trash out. Sigh. I'll post pictures later.

25 July 2007

Lucy's 1st Belly Buzzer!

This has got to be one of my all-time favorite Lucy pictures. She was terrified.

23 July 2007

So much going on.

Well, we're back from a 3-hour La Leche meeting- I decided to go and now I'm really pooped! I just put my tired and cranky angel down for a nap, and boy is she fighting it! I swaddled her with her arms out and gave her a pacifier, and it was just too much for her. She flopped around and grunted and yelled, so I went back in and swaddled her tight with her arms in, and she was just laying there with the most astonished look on her face. She was absolutely stunned that I would stop her fun and trick her into a nap.

We have put the s10 up for sale. We are officially moving into the world of being a one-car household. With Lucy and I being right smack in the middle of downtown, we really don't need a car during the days, and I can do the shopping at night. We will have one day a week where we drop Daddy off so that we can run errands, go to play group, get to doctor's appointments, etc. There is just no point in insuring the truck when Andrew can drive the Saturn and Lu and I can walk to where we need to be. With the money from the s10, we are going to put a little in savings and use the rest to get Bonnie on the road. She is running ok, but there is a problem with something on the axle being rusted or something, and Andrew definitely can't fix that alone. He's already done a lot- I'm very impressed with how much he's done on her so far, but the axle is nothing to play around with.

Lucy and I just tried to walk to Mass. There is a funeral this morning, so there is no Mass. So we walked to the library, which was, of course, closed. We returned the books that we had borrowed, and will get more once the move is completely over.

We are getting our keys on Monday!! I am so excited. Today I am going to start organizing and putting things into piles. I also need to call and arrange for delivery for the rest of the furniture, and reserve a truck for Wednesday morning. It's going to be a long day. We're having leftover jambalaya for dinner, so at least I don't have to cook! I think it's going to be a scorcher today. I'm so glad Lucy and I got out and walked this morning. The three of us did a 4 mile walk last night with dinner at Subway in the middle. Andrew is such a nice companion. He's always so easygoing, fun and entertaining. He is always such a peaceful force in my life. I just don't know why people spend so much time keeping score and creating problems. Life is so short. I just don't know what I'd be without him.

Oh, NOTE: I think Andrew told me I could buy my matching towels for the bathroom. I am very excited. They're definitely not a "need," but he's really been indulging my passion for this new place and is letting me go wild making it a completely new and different home, and I'm so happy!

Bad Night...

Lucy was up all night. I've actually been up since 4am now. Lucy is now happily snoozing in the middle of our bed, because it's the only place she wants to sleep, but if I try to go back to bed, she's going to smell me in a snap and want to eat again. And since I've been feeding her for almost 7 hours straight, I'm staying out here where she can't find me.
Our weekend was very nice and super relaxing. Next weekend will not be so relaxing. We have lots to do!
I was going to go to La Leche today, but I'm not sure I can handle the soothing voices and peaceful suggestions. I'm seriously on edge right now, and I'm not sure I can get past my exhaustion to put on a big smile...and I really don't want suggestions. I just want sleep. Last night was actually the first night I've really had a problem with since we brought her home from the hospital, so I guess I can't complain. And she didn't spit up in our bed last night, so that's a huge plus. She usually does that twice a night or so. Cute.
Well, I need to go make my lists of things to do today. Back later.

22 July 2007

Moving Day Is On Its Way!

I am supposed to start getting things ready to pack around here. I am SOOOOOOOOOO excited about moving. It's all I think about. I am just so thrilled I can hardly stand it. We're in our third one-bedroom apartment right now, and this is a very big deal for us. THREE BEDROOMS!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can hardly stand the excitement. I can't wait to have the space to put things away, eat dinner at a dining room table...oh the things people take for granted! Now, I know that our current apartment saved our lives and was the best possible thing that could happen to us, but this apartment is...wow. I'm just over the moon.
That said, I really need to get things rolling around here. I have SO many things to organize and pack and plan, but I'm just so busy with Lucy and all of her little needs. We went out to Walmart and did our shopping for the week, so I think Lu and I will be indoors this week getting things done. Well, tomorrow morning is La Leche, and we have playgroup on Wednesday, but other than that, we're going to be concentrating on our tasks. More later!

21 July 2007

Nobody Understands Lucy...

Lucy In The Horse Barn

Lucy Goes To The Fair!

Well, yesterday we took Lucy to the Allegany County Fair. I had totally forgotten that it was happening this week, so we didn't even decide to go until the middle of the day. We just went to the animal barns and came home. Well, I'm lying. We also saw the veggies too. Lucy liked the animals. She didn't seem too excited by the pigs.
She did, however, like the sheep a little bit more.

But she LOVED the horses!

Here she is with a big old paint- she was a little confused, but seemed pretty excited.

Here's Daddy and Lu in the horse barn!

Turns out she's growing like, well...a member of the squash family.

I've never seen hay judged in my life. Not only do they judge it, but someone actually has to take home a second place ribbon...

We took a picture of rhubarb for Mom.
Me in front of a wall of canned goods.

We came home and ate pizza, and gave Lucy her bath, and then Lucy and Daddy read Noah's Ark and got ready for sleeping.

She sures loves that book....