30 June 2007

Bonnie Blue

Well, this needs to be posted right away.After much discussion and deliberation, Andrew bought a '72 Ford F100 to call his own. He found this truck months and months ago, and Andrew prayed almost nightly that no one would buy it until he could. We went to look at it in March, and the owner told us he put it in the garage about 16 years ago and was just selling it to get rid of it. He wanted $500 for it. Well, "Big Blue" stayed in that garage in Cumberland for a long time, and Andrew stayed in Frostburg dreaming about her. We decided last week that we should just buy her and see what happened, and Jesse offered to give Andrew the garage to keep her in. So, Andrew picked her up today, and he and Brian and Montana decided to buy a battery and some spark plugs and see what happened. They spent a good part of the evening trying to remove the rusty old spark plugs, and finally got the new ones on around 10 tonight. Well, wouldn't you know that big old truck just roared to life! The headlights work, the tail lights work, the dome light works and the radio works. "Big Blue" just charmed Andrew, and he decided it was time to give her a proper name. I suggested "Bonnie Blue," and it sounds like it's going to stick. So, it looks like Andrew and Bonnie have started something wonderful. Pics are posted below. The smiles on his face are just priceless!

(Oh yeah- the truck is too big for the garage...)

Andrew's New Girl!

The proud new owner of Bonnie Blue!

Andrew's new girl.

I love this picture so much! Andrew has been waiting for this for months!

Loaded up and waiting to head to her new home.

Getting ready to settle in.

Almost down!

Waiting for her new spark plugs!

Bonnie's pretty engine.

Lucy enjoying working on the truck with Daddy.

Andrew starting her up.

Andrew thrilled to pieces that Bonnie roared to life.

The proud mechanics after a lot of rust and beer!

Lucy dancing at Jerrys Subs & Pizza! (6 wks!)

If this isn't the cutest thing you've ever seen... I don't know what is.

27 June 2007


Hooray!! She went down at 9, and got up at 4! She had a change and a snack, and was back down by 4:30. She got up for good at 6, and has been napping off and on. I think she's down for her "serious" nap now...
We're leaving here at noon to do lots of things. We're going to swing by the PO and the storage unit, and then we're going to drop the baby wrap and a nursing pillow off with a friend. We're going to have a snack at the mall and see a movie while we wait for Andrew, then we're going to price a/c units and have dinner at Jerry's. After that we're going down to Rocky Gap to play volleyball, and we'll be back here after dark to pack and get ready for our weekend away!

26 June 2007


I forgot to add these the other day. These are the curtains and throw pillows for the living room. We only have one window in the living room, and we saw these from Pier 1 and we love them. The pillows have flowers on one side and circles on the other. With the brown leather and the dark entertainment center, it'll be bee-yoo-ti-ful. I think we're going to do the walls a khaki or really light blue. Still thinking on that.

Lucy napping on the kitchen floor while we baked cookies.

A test cookie for Christian's shower. It's really fuzzy and the writing is super shaky because I was rushing, but the royal icing is SO cool. The finished cookies look amazing!
I took this picture last night. Did you know we only eat Extra Fancy rice? I had no idea...

My new hair cut. Too bad it's so hot I can't wear it down...sigh.

I'm trying very hard not to complain.

It's blistering hot in my apartment. I haven't heard the voice of another adult all day. The baby just wants to sit on my lap and stare into space. I even made her a little seat facing out just like Mommy. No dice. Any attempt I have made to have any sort of contact with my husband has failed. I don't want to cook dinner because using the stove or the oven raises the temperature in here to a whole new heat. Being too hot makes me extremely hot and crabby, but I can't take Lucy to the mall because the stroller is upstairs and I can't get it down without having to take a second shower. And it was hard enough to squeeze the first one in. I am in a positively horrible mood. Sitting in an apartment alone with a 7 week old who only wants to hear the same "buhbuhbuh" noise 200 times can really start to wear on a person. I'd go to the pool, but Lu is still too small and I'm still too fat, so I guess the library is about as crazy as our summer's going to get. She's sleeping now, so I'm going to go clean this place up before I have to think about making dinner.

Last Night...

...we went to bed early. Andrew was very sick with some sort of stomach bug, and I was threatening the emergency room, so I think he went to sleep so I wouldn't talk to him. I am giving him until tonight to get back to 100% or I'm taking over.
We slept pretty well- 11 to 3! That's pretty good, considering her recent sleeping habits. She got up for good at 6, so I made the cookies this morning before the apartment warmed up for the day. Today is going to be a scorcher. We may end up going out to the mall or something to stay cool. It's going to get ugly around here. I think we'll be having a cold dinner so we don't have to use the oven.
I am making a list of things we still need for the new apartment. I think a window unit for A/C is going to be on the list, along with a big mirror (Andrew wants it), matching towels for the bathroom and new drinking glasses. I spent my entire pregnancy breaking all of our glasses, and we're down to a Spirderman cup, 8 tiny plastic cups and about 6 of our original set. Ridiculous. I think we have some coffee mugs, too....We also need to buy paint. We're doing really soft colors to keep the apartment light and open, since it's such a nice floorplan. We don't want to make it seem any smaller or cramped. I think the living room is going to be light slate blue, and the dining room will be in green. Lucy will finally have her "Periwinkle" bedroom, and the bathroom will probably go blue too. I like blue bathrooms. Blue makes me feel very clean.
Lucy is snoozing in her bouncy seat. I love seeing her little belly all puffed out like a little sumo wrestler. She has the cutest little belly. Sad to think that someday we'll be trying to discourage her from trying to show the world how it's changed. Two-piece swimsuits should be outlawed. Now I know why parents are so overprotective of their children. Lucy is so perfectly innocent right now. I wish she could grow up without a care in the world, just like she's napping away right now, thinking all she's got ahead of her is a good meal and another nap.

25 June 2007

Furniture Shopping!

This is the table we're getting, but without the black. It's all brown. We like that it seats 6.

This is the sofa and loveseat. Very pretty. And comfy.

This is the new shower curtain I bought tonight.

This is the new futon for the office/guest room. We bought this one because it doesn't have one mattress, so it won't slide all over.

This is the new desk! Ooh! This is the new entertainment center, except the one we got has doors on the bottom and now drawers. It matches the new end tables. Gorgeous.
We are so excited about the new furniture! From the apartment, we'll be taking the bed, the old entertainment center and coffee table, and the dressers. Otherwise, everything else stays! Oh, the white chairs come too, but one goes in the office and one goes in Lu's room.
Now, back to Hell's Kitchen. Love this show.

Wonderful Weekend!

Well, we had a very nice weekend! Very relaxing and quiet. We spent Saturday afternoon at Rocky Gap, where Lucy napped, I read my book and Andrew fished.

This is not part of the Rocky Gap trip- this is Lucy sucking her fingers. I know she looks like one of those squishy, not-so-gorgeous babies in this picture, but that's not the point. The point is that the figner sucking is all she has from me.
After Rocky Gap, we went to Brian and Clarissa's for dinner. That was so fun. They live down in Berkley Springs, so it was a bit of a hike, but it was still very nice and we had a lot of fun.
On Sunday, we went to 11 o'clock Mass and then ran to WalMart for groceries. We came back here and Lucy and I worked in the kitchen while Andrew watched a scary movie. Lucy got a little crabby in the afternoon, so we decided to take her for a walk to find cookie cutters. This was a lot more difficult than we initially thought. Nobody sells cookie cutters. But we got about 4 miles total!
On the way home, we were passing the Methodist church and realized that the Land Of Lakes Choirboys were performing and I got all excited because I'd been talling Andrew for weeks that I wanted to see them. So he took Lucy home and I stayed and watched them. http://www.lolcb.org/storelisten.htm
They were so amazing, and SO cute! I am now a big fan.
I got home around 7:30 and we got Lucy into bed rather early and had a quiet night. I think she slept REALLY well last night. Possibly almost through the night, but I can't be sure, because I woke up with her next to me, and I have no idea how that happened...she got up around 4, but I think she was just very well rested and ready to be up. Somehow we got her back to sleep around 4:45 and she slept until almost 7! What a good girl!
Today we are going to La Leche at 10:30, and then we're going to the mall. I have to look for cookie cutters, and I want to get my hair cut. I am very excited about this, because it's been quite awhile. This afternoon, we're going to play with Royal Icing and see if we can make it amazing. I'm making monogrammed cookies for April's shower, and I'm very excited, so we're going to practice Christian's monogram over and over. I think I'll bake the cookies on Thursday at Mom's, since I'll have more room, and then make Nina come over on Friday to help me decorate and tie ribbons. Do you hear that Nina? There is no parade on Friday, so clear your sad schedule and get yourself ready- or I'll keep the swimsuit as ransom.

Fun In The Sun!

Our Trip To Rocky Gap!

The Sun's In My Face!!

23 June 2007

3:21am...Weekend Madness!!!!

Well look who got up to party at 3:15! Lucky for her, I happen to be feeling wide awake and very well-rested. We're having a very good night!

Here we are on Friday afternoon, blogging about the chipmunk!

22 June 2007

The Chipmunk Whisperer

So, we're sitting here watching "Breach," which is a very good movie so far. I hear what sounds like someone at the front door. I look over at the door to listen and see if it's our neighbors or Jesse. They all have very distinct footsteps.

I look down to the very big gap under the door, and there is that little nose again. The chipmunk is back. I whisper to Andrew, "It's hiiiiiim.....the chipmunk." Andrew sneaks over to the door, and we hear nothing. I figure I'm going to be the girl who cried "Chipmunk" again. I push Andrew out the door, and there, at the bottom of the stairs, is the chipmunk, looking at us like we're idiots.

So we come back into the apartment to make a plan. The plan is, I stay in the apartment with the gap under the door blocked, and Andrew chases the chipmunk out. I give him the Dirt Devil. He sneaks out, Dirt Devil in hand. The chipmunk is gone. Andrew decides to check the storage cloet outside our apartment door, and there he is, cowering behind a stack of drywall. I throw the camera at him to get a picture for the blog, and Andrew quickly realizes he can't take pictures and hunt chipmunks at the same time, so I take a picture of him.

I prepare to snap the chipmunk as Andrew nabs him and sends him for the hills. I can't snap fast enough. Andrew sticks the Dirt Devil in the corner, the chipmunk runs for the door, I scream and he's gone.

Now we know how the little vermin got in. Came right through the front door. I guess we'll be plugging the door coming AND going now.

THIS is why I am excited to tell you that we went furniture shopping today and it was VERY successful. We will be decorating the living room in chocolate brown and light blue with some pretty gold colors. You'll have to see it. We picked out a nice Ashley brown leather living room set, and we bought really pretty curtains and throw pillows from Pier 1. We found a dining room set at Roderick's, and we even found end tables and an entertainment center. We're going to put our old living room furniture in the den, since it's still pretty new. I will finish this later!

21 June 2007

Now I've Seen It All...

What a weird day. Note: It is 11:15pm.

Lucy and I had a very busy day, and spent the day out shopping until my doctor's appointment. We got home around 4, and Lucy fell asleep in her Boppy as I did stuff on the computer next to me. As I was sitting there, a chipmunk comes walking out of the kitchen into the living room. Well, that was enough for me. I snatched up my sleeping baby and my cell phone, and fairly flew out the door. It was traumatizing. Lucy and I went to Jesse's and gothim to come back over here with a trap. Of course, now we can't find the critter. Oy vey.
Andrew got home at 6 and Lu was a little crabby, so we all got in bed and snuggled for about 10 minutes, and woke up at 10pm. I'll update you on THIS mess tomorrow...

Motherhood is exhausting...

...but how exhausting is it, really? Lucy is lying here in her Boppy making squirmy noises and grunting. I have no idea if she's hungry, gassy, or just crabby. And it's only 7am. I've already been spit up on three times, and I'm looking ahead to a long day of trying to think of ways to entertain a 6 week old. This is one of the most difficult and tiring tasks out there, I swear.
It's easy to feel sorry for myself when I'm exhausted and Mr. Tylenol PM has just skipped out the door to work. But how sorry can I really feel? Lucy is laying here just snoring away, zapping my energy with just her presence, but she's here, with no wires or tubes connected to her, and she's healthy! It's hard to keep that perspective at 3am, but I suppose I should try harder. When I start to get crabby because she's fussy over a gassy little tummy, I should really be thanking God that it's just gas, and crying is always temporary around here. She's starting to smile now, and it's so amazing to watch her eyes light up when she sees me. I'm just so thankful that she has had the chance to grow enough to start smiling and laughing, and that the worst we've had to deal with around here is a diaper rash.
This is Alison's site: http://www.myspace.com/helpalison- she's a very sick little girl! Please keep her in your prayers and do what you can to support her family. Seeing Alison's video, which I've posted below, made me cry and scoop up my own little girl. I took an extra opportunity to cuddle her, just because she's here and healthy. Life is so short and these things are so unexpected. I think that after seeing this, everyone will take an extra moment today to appreciate the health and vitality of their own families.
I suppose being spit up on three times before 7am isn't so bad at all.

Help Alison!

20 June 2007

Retro Lucy!

Lucy in a hoodie I wore as a baby. She looks like she's ready to hurt somebody in this pic...she was happy, really!


Movin' On Up!

Well, Lucy is sleeping- we will see how long this lasts.
Last night, Andrew came home and we went to see a new apartment. And we're taking it! It's a really big 3 bedroom in the middle of downtown Frostburg. We're really excited. We will have the space to give Lu her own room, decorate an office/guest room, eat at a dining room table and store the stroller. These have been our biggest wishes so far. And, our rent is still super low. Low enough that we're buying a new car! Woo! We don't know what kind of new car yet, but something. We plan on moving in the middle of July, and we will be living there until Andrew finishes his master's degree. I'm not sure how long that is- maybe 2 years? A year and a half? He says four years, but he's silly. He's half done now. Silly boy.
Then we went to LaVale and watched Andrew play basketball. He was whoopin' up all over the place. He got all hot and sweaty, so we stopped at Arby's on the way home for soda. We also made a plan for me to start getting back in shape. I only have about 10 pounds to lose to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight, but the weight isn't the issue. It's the muscle tone I want back! I'd like to lose about 25 pounds from here and get my tummy back.
So, this morning Lucy and I got up at 6:30 to beat the heat, and we went out for a 2.5 mile walk/run. I tried to run 50% of it. That's hard to do, considering the fact that I'm still breastfeeding. All in all, it was a good workout, and I was pooped when I got home. But boy, do I feel good now! I think I'll do this Monday, Wednesday and Friday. On Fridays Andrew can either come with me or stay home with Lucy on his off days. On Tuesdays and Thursdays I'd like to do more toning exercises and go out for a more leisurely walk with Andrew in the evenings.
Lucy did not sleep last night. I moved her into the Pack N Play bassinet because she's rolling now, and the cosleeper is getting too small for her wiggling. But I think the movement of the PNP kept her sleeping too lightly. I might just pull the PNP mattress out and put it on the floor for her tonight. We HAVE to get a better night's sleep tonight. Hm. Moving Day is her cut-off date for sleeping with Mommy and Daddy. She'll be 10 weeks then, and I think she'll probably be sleeping a lot better, so it's time for her to move out! I know she loves to cuddle in our bed, and we'll probably still do the 5am cuddle, but we'll probably do it on the couch instead.
Well, Lucy and I have nothing to do today. I am re-working our household budget, but I am having issues with my current spreadsheet, so I think I am going to make a new one. The one I have is too disorganized. Hm.

19 June 2007

Lucy's New Trick!

That's right folks, at 5 weeks and 5 days, our little munchkin is rolling over! I'm told this is not the norm, but we're so proud! We knew she was strong, but really now...

How Cute Is She????

Apartment Hunting

Well, we looked at 3 places yesterday.
  • Patterson Ave- Big spacious apartment, BAD neighborhood. We didn't even go inside. We DID, however, have dinner at Quizno's.
  • Chalet Apartments- tucked away in Wiley Ford, beautiful apartments with a great room style and huge wraparound deck. View of the Potomac River, river access for fishing- just beautiful. Luxury apartments, luxury price. We could afford it, but there are a lot of other things we'd like to spend our money on.
  • B Street- Large 3 br duplex in Keyser- completely remodeled, very much in our price range, but very far away from school and work. So...no.

We're still looking. Today Lucy and I are hoping to get into a couple here in town, and I am going to call on a couple more. We'll keep you updated!

18 June 2007

Best Weekend Ever!!

What a great weekend! I did not post anything about going home this weekend because we wanted to surprise Mom after her long and tiring week. We left Frostburg on Friday afternoon, and we surprised her just beore John's party. It was supposed to be a pool party, but it was cold and overcast! So the kids all swam for a bit (Andrew and Tim, too) and then we all we back to the house for cake.
There were so many boys, and it was so loud....But John had a great time. I can't believe how big he is now...My cute little baby brother is growing up so fast!
He had a Pirates birthday party, and there were eye patches everywhere!
Eventually, all the boys went outside for s'mores and a campfire, and we all stayed in to play with Lucy and sit around the kitchen table. It's funny when I think back on all the people who've sat at the table and visited, and all the laughter that table has seen. Nina and Lucy were being very silly.
Lucy got some time with with her Uncle Tim and Aunt April- she was up late!

Paul came in the house to shoot at people and pillage, and I think they were up all night on a huge sugar rush.

On Saturda, we went with Mom to help out at the Strawberry Festival. She got a good bit of time with Lucy, and had the chance to snuggle her for awhile.
Lucy was also gently tormented and got to wear this sticky thing around on her back for awhile.
On Saturday afternoon, we drove to Andrew's parents house and Lucy crashed for a little while before our dinner with Andrew's dad for Father's Day. We went out to Red Lobster with Lisa, Michael and Josiah and had a good time.
On Sunday morning, we went down to Bowie to see Andrew's grandparents. Lucy napped for part of the morning, and was up in time to visit with everyone before we had to leave.

Lucy and Daddy on Father's Day!

Lucy and her cousins Julia and Brendan

Lucy and Mama enjoying the warm breeze.

Lucy and Cousin Kelly

Julia playing the violin.

Lucy with Julia and Nana C.

Lucy and Cousin Freddie Lionel

We got back to Grandma and Grandpa's in time for Lucy to nap on Aunt Lisa before we had to drive home.

And here we are coming back into our beautiful Western MD after a long weekend. This is coming down from Sideling Hill.

All in all, it was great weekend. We will be going back down the weekend of the 30th for April's baby shower and for the big ear piercing event.

This week, we're looking at apartments and working on financial stuff. We have decided that we don't feel very called to buying a house right now. For some reason, it feels like things just aren't lining up right for us, and we're leaning more toward renting instead. We will be buying a new car soon, possibly within the next couple of weeks, and we're going to just take it a day at a time. We're still very young, and home ownership isn't a huge need for us. We'd rather get more money in the bank and keep our options open instead. So, onto apartment hunting! We're looking at one tonight in Cumberland, and will keep you all updated!