27 February 2007

Follow up to secret babies...

I asked the Nesties. Sassy said, "What about the Amish?" and Spencer said that her grandfather was born on a kitchen counter. The whole illegal immigrant thing was also brought up.
So, I think the concensus is, yes, there are secret babies. Interesting. I would probably keep my baby a secret if she was, indeed, a sock monkey.

Snack wraps and secret babies.

Well, I just walked in the door from the doctor's office and a big WalMart trip. The WalMart trip was ultimately more interesting than the doctor's office, but that's kind of par for the course at this point. Dr. H said I'm still looking great, and as long as I'm feeling fine, I should just keep up the good work. Hooray! And I passed my one-hour glucose test. I guess all those expensive cereals and chocolate chip cookies paid off; looks like little Lucy is immune to my incredible sugar intake.
I spent a large part of the afternoon watching the old men at McDonald's shoot the breeze. I had an hour to kill, so I ordered a snack wrap and parked myself in the corner. The big event was the broken ice machine...it actually turned out to be much more exciting than sitting at home.
I actually mailed Sarah's care package today! I figured that after the big explosion at Bagram today, she deserved a little gumption on my part. A woman at the post office rubbed my belly. Surprisingly, I didn't get upset at all. She was so cute.
Andrew and I were talking at the doctor's office today...what happens if you have a baby at home, and you never tell anyone? Are there rules pertaining to making your child an official person? I mean, could I just have a baby and never obtain a birth certificate or SSN or anything? Are there people out there without official identities? I'll have to ask my Nesties.

Flannel dreams and $20 bills

Whew- I usually wake up at 7 and make Andrew's lunch. Today, I made it in the nick of time. I didn't wake up til 7:16! When the alarm went off at 6:30, I fell asleep again, really quickly, and had the most bizarre dream. I was at Motherhood Maternity with Mom, shopping for nursing tops. But Mom disappeared into the rest of the mall, so I got distracted and was shopping for tutus instead...and then Philip Stamper showed up and got on his cell phone and started telling his friend "Kim" all about how I was his best friend and we were going to a rave. Mind you, I'm 8.5 months pregnant, now trying on tutus and eavesdropping on this most bizarre conversation. All of a sudden, I'm in a glittery orange tutu and black stilettos, and I'm thinking, "Whew! Are those my legs?!? Very nice!" And then I wake up.
I would imagine that this dream stems from my conversation with Andrew, where I was concerned about the thickness of my thighs, and Andrew promptly reassured me that "it has to go some where!" Considering I have no waist and very short legs, I'm surprised it's taken me this long to notice how large my thighs have gotten. Maybe I'm just distracted.
Well, we have our 31 week appointment today at 4. I'll be happy to get into our later appointments where something interesting actually happens. Right now, it's just tedious and time consuming. But Andrew is coming with me today! I've been telling him not to come for the last few appointments, since it's just me handing out urine and crying after I get off the bad scale. But since I scheduled it so late in the day, he's going to come with me. It'll be good to have moral support today, considering my thigh dream.
Ok, time for breakfast!

26 February 2007

Let's examine Salmonella more closely, shall we?

Here's what I did today: I made use of my messy melted chocolate chips! (Another story for another day...)
In no way should the glass of milk next to the cookie dough be considered an admission of guilt in the cookie dough-eating department.

See? That's at LEAST 6 cookies that made it to the oven.
Self control, anyone?

Recent Happenings

Our Icicles. They're a great reminder of our honeymoon. They remind me that Key West is so very, very far away.
The guys at dinner last weekend- L-R- Tim, Calvin, Manik and Andrew

Really, she's waving. This is Lucy and I at 31 weeks. Getting BIG!

Lucy's wall letters. With any luck, this is the last color scheme we'll go through! Our "I Love Lucy" theme is now in full swing! Well, it would be if she had a bedroom...

Lucy at 30 weeks- so much cuter than my belly makes her seem at first.

What the 4D ultrasound doesn't show you. Ah, technology...

A new truck.

Well, I should have known better than to fall asleep on the couch last night. Andrew got lost on Craig's List, and found his new love. A 1989 giant red truck. Well, I can do better than that. How about a picture?

So, we have emailed the guy, and will see what he says. It looks like it would be a champ in the snow, but...it's so big. I think we're going to list the Saturn in the paper and see if we can't break even on her, to pay her off and find a car a little more suited to Frostburg weather. And if we don't sell her, that's fine too. I can drive her as long as I need to, I suppose. It would be nice to have something a little higher off the ground. I'd really like a 4-Runner. Andrew seemed agreeable, if we can find something for the right price.

I took my nap. It turned out to be better than I expected, but I had some VERY weird dreams.
Our weekend was very nice. On Friday night, Andrew came home from the gym and declared "I ran the flu out of me!" Apparently his 10k completely cured his two-week illness. Who am I to argue? He sounded much better, so...
We had a light dinner and then took our fun money and saw "The Number 23." Oh, it was beyond creepy and scary. We loved it.
On Saturday, we drove down to the hospital so Andrew could have his blood drawn. While he was registering, I dropped my water bottle and it sprayed all over my legs and I was absolutely soaked. And of course, when a pregnant woman gasps, everyone stares in concern. So, while I dried off, Andrew did his thing, and we were back in the car in just minutes. We went to Big Lots, which is a very neato place. Our first time. Then we headed home, where Andrew sat for about an hour before he decided to drive to "Bloomington" to look at a house. We drove for a looooong time, and finally found the place. It was less than thrilling, but it was a nice little drive. Any drive is nice when you have a bag of Fritos and a good traveling buddy.
We spent Saturday night...jeez, I don't even remember Saturday night. We watched a movie, maybe? I know I made chicken and pilaf...I guess we were just around the house...I really can't remember.
It snowed a LOT on Saturday night, so we spent Sunday in the house, cleaning and doing homework, and went to Mass at 8 at Cook Chapel.
Lucy had a very quiet weekend. She never knows what to do with the weekend. We have a very distinct routine during the week, and I think she gets confused when the hustle and bustle of the weekend gets going.

Back on track. I hope.

Ok! Now I'm back on track. The old posts are up, and I can move on from the MySpace blog to a "real blog."
But for now, I'm going to get another hour of sleep. I will be back here when I'm done. I need to discuss crockpot cooking, being 31 weeks pregnant, my busy weekend and how my cleaning left me passed out on the couch, missing the Oscars. (Congrats to Martin Scorcese!)
Stay tuned!

Past Posts

Friday, February 23, 2007
Cancelled appointment, very heavy laundry.
I have no issues getting the laundry down the stairs, but I sure can't get it back up! It's all folded, sitting in the car, waiting for Andrew to carry it up. I doubt this little thing will change once Lucy is here. It's still too heavy for me to carry.
Went to my appointment. Apparently Dr. H is gone for the day, and they'd been trying to call. So I rescheduled for Tuesday, which is fine with me, since it'll get us back to our regular Tuesday appointments. I didn't like the Friday thing.
There was a post on the Nest today about friends and pregnancy. Turns out everyone has that one friend who mentally checks out without a warning. And here I thought I was the only one. About 99% of our friends have been amazing during all of this. I try really hard to not talk about it unless it's brought up, because nobody wants to hear about a baby all the time. But it seems like most of our friends want to talk baby, which is fine. I try to answer questions and stay cheery, even though you're bound to answer the same questions over and over. I really don't mind. I like that my friends are still talking to me in the first place. I'm just thankful they still call. Of course, some of them don't even call anymore. I suppose this is the time where people really start to change, and that's ok. I don't plan on staying in the house and only talking to Andrew once the baby's born, and I really hope that nobody gets that impression. We're really trying to be as active as possible and stay as involved with everyone as we can, which is already awkward living so far away from the people we love. When we come home for weekends, we're stretched SO thin, but we're surrounded by our friends and family, and it's always so nice. I'd rather be stretched thin and feel the love.
In Frostburg, we have a significantly smaller group of friends, none of whom know each other or care to. And we have a very small apartment, which makes entertaining difficult. I guess it's a matter of maintaining those friendships until we have a place big enough to entertain on a more regular basis. I just wish we could please everyone all the time. It's odd being a stay at home wife. I really love taking care of my home and my family, and I love being able to rest up for the next few weeks before we deliver. But Andrew comes home still buzzing from work, and crashes hard shortly after, and I'm the opposite. When he walks in the door ready to kiss and cuddle and play, I need a few minutes to warm up to having someone in the house with me. Once I'm chatty and ready to go, he's ready to pass out on the couch! It'll be nice when I'm busier during the day and we're more matched in our energy levels. I really do love being at home, and I love being able to take care of the place like I do. But sometimes I miss the mental challenge of working. I miss solving complex problems and fixing situations. There aren't many situations here, and when there are, I may be a star player in getting them taken care of, but you don't really get a raise for being a rising star in your own house. Maybe that's why they say this job is so demanding. My best rewards are Andrew's letters to me. He writes me a letter about once every two weeks, and it means more to me than all the pay in the world. He never misses and opportunity to tell me how thankful he is, and without that, I'd feel worthless. I think a lot of women don't get the recognition they deserve for the things they do, and I really value Andrew's gratitude and the way he vocalizes it. That's what makes me get up in the morning and do the same thing over and over. He gives me the steam I need to get things done around here, and without that, I'd feel like the work I did just didn't matter. Maybe he doesn't know how much I need and value that. It's like a paycheck for me.
I'm rambling. I know that I am. I just need to talk.
I need to find something to make for dinner. Meatless Fridays are always a challenge for me. But, maybe this is what I need to get me out of my routine. I always turn to fish sticks. I know there's more out there. There has to be.

Tax Refunds and Sleepless Nights.
Andrew is sick. Apparently his little head cold is now some sort of flu. Poor thing. I am going to say it's from not wearing a hat all the time, and from our sleepless nights. Last night was the worst. I was awake pretty much all night, but I did sleep a full hour from 4-5. I feel bad. I can nap during the day just fine, but Andrew can't. I think I'll probably start crashing on the couch when I can, to help him sleep better at night. He can't afford to sleep as badly as we are.
We are getting a tax refund! This is pretty exciting, because we really didn't think we were going to get anything. I'm not sure what we'll do with it, but it'll probably going into savings. Now that we're not fixing the cars once a week, I really hope we can get further ahead than we are. It's slow going, getting out from under stuff and getting into a good situation, but it's really worth it. Lucy's delivery is going to cost us a mint, even with excellent insurance, so we also have to prepare for that. She's worth it! We've decided that we might not get to do our Washington trip in the fall, but it's a sacrifice we might have to make. I don't know that we'd have the cash available, and I don't want to put any of it on the credit card. If it has to go on a credit card, it's not in the budget! We have a lot of weekend trips this summer, and getting back on our feet after Miss Muffett's arrival needs to be our first priority. I don't know. We'll probably make a real decision at our next money meeting.
I have a doctor's appointment today. I don't know if Andrew will be there- he was going to go to the gym, but I think I've talked him out of that. I think he needs the rest instead...tomorrow morning we have to go back to the hospital so he can get his bloodwork done and we can tour labor and delivery.
I need a shower.

Thursday, February 22, 2007
My amazing guy.

Woo! Thursday! Oh I love Thursdays SO much. I even got a bunch of those "it can wait" errands done today. I am always so proud when I do that. I really need to eat lunch, but I don't think my tummy is growling enough yet...hm.
I just love Andrew. Can I just put that out there? Pregnancy is rough. It's not fun all the time, and pregnant girls can be downright impossible. Andrew still manages to have a big smile on his face all the time, and just keep rolling along. He has been the picture of support, and I owe him so much for making this experience so wonderful. Pregnancy sometimes has a tendency to bring out the "baby" in a man, and it can turn them into silly, childish, needy people. He has been a rock, and has treated it like the big event that it is. It's hard to balance work, play, exhaustion, good health and responsibility all at the same time, and I'm really proud of the way we've paid so much attention to our marriage through this big change. We're both making a big effort to take frequent time outs to go for walks or drives, spend money on little things, and have long conversations even when we're exhausted. Andrew never fails to set aside time to connect, even though his job is demanding and tiring. I am so proud and happy to bring a baby into this family. Andrew's dedication to the well-being of the people he loves is so obvious, and I know Lucy will be a very happy little girl here. Her daddy sure adores her. She's lucky to have a man in her life who would move mountains for her.
I am going to make chicken salad today. Everyone keeps telling me to put grapes or apples in it. I think this is the most disgusting thing I've ever heard of. I just can't do it. So I'm going to make a great chicken salad, and leave the grapes for snacking. I think Andrew would be absolutely appalled if he pulled a grape out of his sandwich.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007
Napping the day away.
This child is zapping my entire being. I just slept for an hour and a half. Andrew is always very happy when I nap. I am always upset with myself for being lazy. I know I need to get over this, and that I need to take the naps when my body asks for them. But they make me feel like a slug. So now I need to shower real quick and get a move on before my sweetie gets here.
I weighed myself today. 30 weeks. 20 pounds. I'd like to only gain about another 5, but I know I have about 7 weeks to go as far as weight gain. Hm. It doesn't look good. Maybe I can stick with the pound a week deal. That would be just dandy. I'm guessing I'll be closer to about a 30 pound total, so I figure I'll have about 10 pounds to lose once Lucy is here. That seems doable. Now we need to pray someone buys the jogger. Cause once our two weeks is up, we're going to have a very nice workout routine. There's no way I'm staying in the house all summer.
Next week I go to Williamsburg. I'm excited. I'm driving down to Baltimore on Friday morning, and then I'll be at Mom's til Sunday. We leave Sunday morning for VA, and we'll be home on Tuesday. I'm going to miss my Andrew, but I think it'll be nice to see something that's not Frostburg. I've never been to Williamsburg, and it'll be fun to go with the boys.

Monday, February 19, 2007
Big Fun weekend!
Wow, what a great weekend! We got to see our princess, and boy is she adorable! She has the most perfect little face in the world! We got a dvd of the entire thing- her smiling, sucking on her hand, punching around, grabbing her feet, swallowing, rubbing her eyes...it was just beyond amazing. She's got a cute little button nose, big eyes, cute little ears, chubby little cheeks, and full little lips. We think she's even got a fair amount of hair, but it's pretty hard to tell on the ultrasound. We've watched the DVD about 5 times this weekend. We're just in love. Can't wait to see her in person! Last night was bad. I was up all night, so Andrew was too. I may crash on the couch tonight to let him catch up on some sleep. Poor thing wakes up every time I do, and he left looking just pooped. Poor Andrew...I'll make him a nice dinner tonight and get him to bed early. He's such a trooper.

Friday, February 16, 2007
I am very happy today. I met two new friends, and I'm about to start packing for our weekend away. We get to see Lucy tomorrow! I am very excited. AND, we might hang out with the Busters tomorrow! I am really excited about our weekend. I need a little nap before I start driving...going now!

Thursday, February 15, 2007
It's almost Friday!
Are all the schools closed again today? I don't know...Well, this morning was trying, to say the least. The alarm didn't go off, Andrew's truck was stuck in the ice, and I still haven't eaten breakfast. I think that's my first thing to do. I slept weird last night. I don't think I necessarily didn't sleep, but I kept waking up at odd times. I am really excited about going to Baltimore tomorrow. I need a weekend away! I am trying to decide if I should pursue a cake business. I would need Bridget to do some better pics of the cakes, and I would need a little extra work space. Andrew keeps encouraging it, but I don't know how you go about starting a little business around here. I should ask Lynn. I think she has a business. Well, Andrew finally made it to work, and has 5 meetings today. I have lots to do, but I need to get warm before I head out into the snow. And I need to find the letter I wrote to Miss Pam and get that out the door. So busy!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007
I hate snow. So much.
I can't even go out for a walk. I can't risk slipping on the ice. And Andrew took my car to work, cause it's better in the snow, and I can't buy him anything for Valentine's Day. I hate the snow so much. I wish I could drive somewhere. I really need to go to the Post Office and the bank, and I guess that's not going to happen either. Sigh. Lucy is having a VERY active morning. My poor belly is getting bruised. I love feeling her, but boy is she getting strong! I really like that she's getting so big and I can feel her arms and legs and head and butt and stuff. It's so cool to feel her rub her head up against my hand. And she's still just thrilled by her daddy. I can't wait for Saturday!! The truck is back, all fixed and ready for the trip home. I really hope that's it on major repairs for awhile. I can't handle the stress. I really can't. Well, I have homework to do. What a bad Valentine's Day. (Note: Valentine's Day got much better. I went out for my walk, and bought Andrew some chocolates and a bottle of wine, and Lucy got two little board books about love! Take that, Cupid! Andrew came home with candy and a card and pajama pants! All in all, a sweet day.)

Monday, February 12, 2007
Tonight we're going to a roller skating party. I will not be skating. Andrew' office is having a party, so we're going to go and mingle with everyone and watch them fall all over. I am tired today. I may end up back in bed very soon. I think I'm going to watch "Roman Holiday" and count kicks. We had a really quiet weekend. We got the shelf painted and baskets filled, and gothte new kitchen rack put together. We're going to recheck the gender on Saturday, so we'll get more into the decorating mood after that. Lucy had a pretty active weekend. She got the hiccups last night in church, and ended getting so agitated that she knocked the wind out of me. She's a sweetie, but those hiccups really got to her! I can't wait for Saturday. I'm so excited about seeing her little face. The big ultrasound was fun, but I can't wait to see if that cute little button nose is still a button nose. Let's see...we're starting our 30th week this week. Lucy is about 15 and a half inches long, and weighs about 3 pounds. Her weight gain should really pick up soon, and she'll be a lot heavier.I'm trying to relegate myself to a slower pace now that we're enjoying the third trimester. That means slowing down my walks around town, getting a nap in each day, and not trying to do so much at once. Andrew does a really good job at reminding me, but I'm a really active person, and it's really hard to slow down when you're mentally going so fast. I can't wait for the spring, the jogging stroller, and the baby! I think we'll be taking a little trip down to the track each afternoon to get a good run in. I want Lucy to recognize an active, healthy lifestyle, and I want to really get back into great shape. I'm in good shape now, for a pregnant person, but I can't wait to get all nice and toned and fast again. I did not sleep at all last night. It was a really weird night. Seriously. We got up at 5 because there was a big crash, and as we were falling back asleep, there was a big boom. And I kept waking up to find Andrew's elbow in my ear, and I kept trying to move it back down. I was afraid he'd startle and get me in the eye, so I had to sleep defensively. I guess we might as well get used to broken sleep. We're getting very good at it.

Saturday, February 10, 2007
Glucose and Ice Scrapers.
Well, today was a nice day. We went to the hospital and I did my glucose test. Not fun, but not terrible. Then we went to WalMart and bought ice scrapers, "Roman Holiday," "To Catch a Thief," and a new wedding band for me. From WalMart. Klassy. It's just a little tiny gold band, but it alleviates the "uh....not married? How unseemly..." looks. There are lots of those when your fingers are too big for your wedding rings.
We came home and painted Lucy's shelf, and I took a nap, and we just kind of hid in the apartment and had a quiet afternoon. I slept for about an hour and a half, and when I woke up, Andrew had cleaned everything, taken out the trash, done the dishes, moved a bunch of stuff, and made the house look all pretty. I think he was tired of me drooling on his chest, so he snuck out from under me and made himself useful. What a nice guy.
I made chicken and mac and cheese for dinner. It was very good, since we didn't eat til 8. Now it's past our bedtime and we're still wide awake, so Andrew is playing Fight Night and I'm Nesting. :-)
Tomorrow, no plans. Just church. Then we're having another lazy day. GOOD DEAL.

Thursday, February 08, 2007
Oh my stars!
She's back! My sweet little car is back! I am so happy. She started right up and just purred all the way home. I love her so much. Andrew hates her, but I am still in love. I won't tell her that he even used the "S" word whilst talking about her. Sell the Silver Bullet?? Never! So, we're going out today for new tires! We also need to go to walmart for something to sort all of Lucy's stuff into, a care package for Sarah, and a gift for Nate. And groceries. I am going to start using coupons, but I'm still very new to the whole thing. More on that later.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007
Nesting and other impossible accomplishments.
First, let me say congrats to Katie and Seth on Nathan's arrival! He's just perfect, and he looks SO much like Katie. He's going to be the cutest kid! With any luck he'll wear his little trucker hats as well as Katie wore hers as a child.
Today we're in the 29th week. I am getting bigger, and have finally relegated myself to slip-on shoes. I really haven't gained alot, and I'm feeling really good, but the noises you make when you're trying to tie your shoes with a head under your ribs are just too much. It's kind of this grunty, wheezy sound. So I bought a pair of shoes that I can step into until flip flop season gets here.
Speaking of flip flops, I need more. Lucy is also going to need flip flops. I guess she can do the hippie thing and go barefoot. I have a feeling she's going to be a very simple, bohemian kind of kid. 100% cotton.
I organized all of my pre-pregnancy clothes, shoes, belts, lingerie, swimsuits, and purses. I know it's odd to think "prepreg" purses, but you need a bigger purse as you have to carry more things as you get bigger. I only use the small purses for nights out. Otherwise, I need bags big enough to carry tums, water, kleenex, phone, snacks...the list goes on and on.
Anyway, bottom line is, I have ONE DRAWER of clothes left that fit. That's like, 5 shirts and 3 pairs of pants. Everything else is in Rubbermaid bins, waiting for Lucy to get out! I can't believe how much I have in the way of clothes! I really hope that I have a big closet by the time they need to come out of storage. I just miss wearing all of them...I can't wait for summer!
Well, I need to comtinue with my cleaning and toilet flushing. It's complicated.

Monday, February 05, 2007
Pregnancy and the modern man.
This weekend was our 1st Anniversary! I gave Andrew a gorgeous watch, and we went to dinner at Giuseppe's. And he gave me a 4D ultrasound!! I'm so excited! I can't wait to see little Lucy's face! We're going on the 17th of this month. With any luck it'll help to pass February a little faster. It seems like the 3rd trimester is going to take forever, but we're totally out of plan-free weekends, and we only have a couple more paychecks before she's here! March is going to be super busy. I'm going on a little trip to Virginia with Mom and the boys, Andrew is going to Myrtle Beach for Brian's bachelor party, we have Brian and Clarissa's wedding, the baby shower, and on and on and on.
February is going to be less busy. I don't know if we're seriously looking for a house right now. I guess we are, but really slowly and just kind of doing our thing at the same time. We drove around for a few hours yesterday, but didn't really see much. We just like driving around together.
I went into major nesting mode last night. It was really bad. Andrew just watched tv and didn't say a word. I was flying around like a crazy woman. To make matters worse, I didn't get nearly enough done, and now we have big rubbermaid bins all over the place, some empty, some full...I even started making an inventory of all my pre-preg clothes. Ridiculous. I'm going to work on it some more today, and hopefully we'll be able to see our bedroom floor by the time I'm done.
Tonight we're meeting with the tax man. I'm nervous. I wish we were getting a refund, but I don't think we will be. Sigh...
The car is back. The transmission has been fixed. So I'm taking it in on Wednesday. She needs a new manifold gasket, new tires, and a new strap around the muffler. I'm so tired of fixing this car. But we only have 75k miles on it, so we really can't just get rid of it. I just hate cars, because I don't understand them. There's really nothing I don't understand, but cars are on the list, along with advanced math and Middle East geography.
It's really cold in this apartment. I wish our windows weren't so drafty. I'm going to see if we can do something about that this weekend. I have all the heaters on high, and it still makes no difference.

Friday, February 02, 2007
4 hours...
I have 4 hours til I'm done babysitting for the week. SIGH. It's going to be a long 4 hours. Then I have a ton of things to do. I need to get myself together and get down to FSU to the bookstore to get Andrew's book, and then I need to hustle back up here and get Andrew's big list of things done. At least my Rice Krispies will keep me going. We're going to see a movie tonight. I have no idea whch one. Ok, well, off to the Kettermans.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007
Dead Arm
I was up for two hours in the middle of the night with a kiler pain in my arm....so I pulled out the heating pad and turned it on high, and wept for a little bit...I really hope that if I rest it today, it'll feel better for babysitting Drew tomorrow. He likes to be held a lot, so with any luck I'll be able to hold him. Otherwise...things are going well. The car is finally in the shop, and might be done by the end of the week. I would love that. I just hope that this is the only issue. I can't handle any more car issues. It makes me feel sick. Andrew starts classes tonight- he seems underwhelmed. I can understand that...I'll get his schedule out today and get him all ready to go. I'm sure he'll be ok, but I hate to see him wearing himself out. Baby is doing well- 27 weeks today! Getting very big! We had a very busy weekend at home. I think all of our shopping on Saturday totally wore her out. She's getting back into the swing of things, slowly. The boys had a lot fun feeling her move. Paul said, "If I open your skin, can I see her?" He's very curious about where she is and how long she'll be there. The other boys don't seem too concerned, but Paul has lots of questions and concerns, so I try to answer everything as best I can, but he asks me things I don't even know! I told him that the baby has a special sleeping bag, so we can't see her til she wants to see us. He seemed satisfied with that answer. I need some pumpkin bread, and I need to make my list for my day. I'm going to put a nap on that list.

Thursday, January 25, 2007
Just a few more months! Yay! The third trimester is here, and I'm definitely starting to feel it. I still haven't gained a lot, which is nice, but all the weight I have gained is right in my belly, so it pulls pretty hard on my muscles and I get sore pretty fast, if I stand up or walk for a long time. I wonder if I'll carry all our babies like this. I like carrying her right out in front, but it's SO heavy. It ALMOST makes me wish the weight would spread out a little bit, but I'll deal. She's getting big! About 2lbs, and about 15 inches long. She's got quite a personality now, and it's getting very fun playing with her. It's really neat that she responds to us now. She loves her daddy, and tries to listen very hard when he talks. She can't hear him very well with everything else gonig on, but when he sits next to me and talks to her, she quiets down and concentrates very hard to hear him. She wiggles a lot when I laugh hard, and she LOVES the organ music at church. I think she's going to be quite a little character. Otherwise...this weekend is refund check weekend! Hooray! That means the car is getting fixed this coming week! I am so excited I could just freak out. Well, I need to go do some exercising and get all stretched out. Miss Cooke is getting restless!

Monday, January 15, 2007
25 weeks! Yikes!
I grabbed the poor kid's knee the other day. I was trying to show Andrew that I had fat, which I totally don't (yes, I'm a little bit vain. It helps this far along) and I pinched my tummy and totally grabbed a knee or an elbow. The poor little thing freaked, and I did too, and we tried to run away from each other, but that didn't work too well...spooky. It's one thing to feel the kicking and the rolling- it's like wicked weird gas bubble. But finding a body within a body is just beyond strange to me. I am now sleeping 4 hours or so a night. I spend a lot of time thinking. Andrew seems to be sleeping just fine. He does a very good job keeping everything all ready for me in the living room so that I can watch tv or crash on the couch when I wake up in the middle of the night. He's a doll. The car is officially dead. Actually, I need to take some pics of it. We're going to list it on Craig's List and the Times News while we wait to have it repaired. Maybe someone will buy it before we have to fix it. That would be great. We had a really nice weekend. My wonderful honey totally indulged my craziness yesterday and helped me rearrange the entire place. I love him so much!

Thursday, January 11, 2007
Sigh....long day...
The car guy called. He said, "You got something wrong with your transmission!" No kidding...hopefully it's something small and we don't have to replace the transmission. That would be really baaaaad... I found out that Memorial Hospital doesn't have a NICU. This is a big issue to me. I've had a very normal, healthy pregnancy, but that doesn't rule out surprise issues. I think that being proactive and going to a hospital that has the best possible care is being a responsible parent. I would hate to just go to the closest and easiest hospital for our convenience and have something happen. I asked the hospital what happens if the baby should need NICU- she said, "Well, we just stabilize 'em and ship 'em out." WHA!??!?!

25 February 2007

Making The Switch

Well, I'm going to move my Blog from MySpace to Blogger. This could take some time. And with Lucy's head up under my left rib, it may take some time. This might be a good "Monday Project."

I need to find something dinner-worthy, and we have to get out the door to church.

This week begins my adventures in crockpot mastery. Stay tuned!