22 December 2007

Untapped Lucy pics!

Here are a couple pics from my phone that I JUST uploaded! I will also be uploading the "Poopy Spoon" picture soon- worth waiting for!

Lucy at coffee hour after church, enjoying her first powdered donut!

20 December 2007

Long, Bad Day!

Lucy woke up screaming and ended the same mostly in the same fashion. She was crabby ALLLL day long, right up until Daddy walked in the door! All of a sudden she was chipper and smiley. Ugh. The two of them passed out in the recliner in her room and I had to wake them up 30 minutes later.

Andrew is out at a movie now, and I'm taking the night OFF. I'm so pooped from everything I did today. I have been on my feet absolutely ALL day. So I'm watching tv and lying on the couch. Tomorrow we'll finish up everything here, get out the door around noon-ish, and head downstate to begin the insanity! We'll be at the Cooke house tomorrow through Monday night, and then to the Merkel's through Friday afternoon, and then back to the Cooke house until Saturday morning. On Saturday morning, the REAL fun begins!

I'm already tired just THINKING about it.

18 December 2007

What a Week!

Well, Lucy is officially a formula-eater now! She nursed for the last time at 12:30am on December 17th. I am in the process of trying to recover from her sudden refusal to nurse, which is turning out to be quite painful and a little sad. But, she's a happy girl and we have our weigh-in tomorrow morning! I'm expecting good results!
We went out today for pictures! We were only going to have pictures done with Santa, but since that turned out to be free, we ended up going over to Wal-Mart to see if they could squeeze us in. They could, we did and I spent way too much! But these pictures were just adorable. What's a doting mama to do?! I emailed them all to Andrew when we got home and he said he would have spent $3,000 on them, so I guess the $83 was a huge bargain!

Here is a picture of Andrew and I at Em and Josh's wedding on Saturday! It was a GORGEOUS wedding and I can't WAIT to see the professional pics!!

Here is what Andrew and Lucy did on Sunday!

And HERE are the Santa pics!
Not as fun as she thought it would be!

17 December 2007

A general gnashing of teeth.

Today is going to be a very long day. We had a fabulous weekend and Lucy had a GREAT time downstate with the fam, but she's missing Josiah something fierce. She doesn't want me to entertain her at ALL. She wants Josiah! It's going to make for a crabby Lucy! Thankfully, Xander will be coming over to play a little later...we also have a big walk to the post office in a few minutes, so I'm hoping to distract her for a little while!

11 December 2007

Bad Habits!

Here is Daddy teaching Lucy how to use a spatula.

An update on our big girl!

Lucy is 7 months old now! Here she is participating in exersaucer tobogganing. She also loves floor swimming.

A view from the front of her vehicle.

Lucy riding Aunt Suz's legs!

Lucy playing in the snow in front of the post office!

Lucy's first snow angel!

The snow was falling in her face and she had NO idea what to think!

"Do I look like I just fell off the turnip truck?"

Lucy and the Serving Spoon. This is now her preferred way of eating puffs. One at a time on a giant spoon.

"Get that camera away! I'm naked!"

"I don't usually kiss on the first date, but in your case I'll make an exception..."

A very surprised Lucy!

Having naked time!

Look at those buns!

Lucy stuck between bins.

Lucy sleeping last night. We thought she was so cute that we just had to take pictures!

08 December 2007

It's late.

It's 1am and Andrew is driving Suz home. We all had a fun night. I dyed my hair. Lucy is in her little crib sleeping very cozily. I went into her room to turn the heat down and she was sacked out with her arms and legs splayed in all different directions. She looked so cute and so "baby" helpless. There is nothing I wouldn't do for her. She's just the sweetest little thing in the world. I always try to go in and see her before I go to bed, and I always have to resist the temptation to pull her out of her crib for one last snuggle. She just smells too cute and her little chubby cheeks are just too kissable. Do you always have that urge to pull your babies close? Will I still feel the same way when she's 18 and trying to figure it all out for herself? Will I still want to wake her up for one last snuggle? I think I will.

07 December 2007

Busy Thursday!

Well, a lot can happen between Wednesday and Friday!

We decided that Lucy's weight gain, or lackthereof, has become enough that we were starting to get concerned. She spits up her entire meal every time she eats, and we're getting really tired of all this laundry! So I called Dr. Molly and made an appointment to sit down and talk with her.

We went in yesterday morning and had a long talk with Dr. Molly and Dr. D. They went over Lucy's previous ultrasound, talked about her diet and her weight and did a full checkup. They were really happy that she's flying through her milestones and showing so much strength, but were really concerned about the fact that she's not gaining. At her 6m appt, she was 14lbs 14oz, and yesterday she was an even 15 with her clothes on and a wet diaper. So, that's not very good.
They diagnosed her with severe "Silent Reflux," which means that she's spitting up everything and has reflux, but doesn't have the pain. She previous screaming fits could have been pain, but so far she's been really lucky to be spitting up and not feeling it. They prescribed Zantac and want to see her again within a week. They're going to schedule an Upper GI test to go in and take a look for structural abnormalities as well. Dr Molly asked me to page her this weekend if she spits up more or is acting funny. We started the meds last night, and Dr Molly said that we should see a bit of a change by the weekend. We also have to keep her upright for an hour after every meal, which is a big challenge. Lucy loves to tank up and then wrestle on the floor and roll around, so keeping her busy sitting up is a tough task.
We'll go in this coming Wednesday for another weight check and to evaluate the Zantac, and to take it from there. We have to give it to her 3 times a day, which isn't fun. But, she slept through the night last night! Hooray! Andrew and I had a wonderful night snuggling on the couch and watching tv, AND we got 7 hours of uniterrupted sleep! Wow!

Well, I hear her getting up from her nap, but wanted to update everyone! I'll post snow pics tonight!

05 December 2007


I just put Lucy down for a nap, and it should be a pretty good one. We just got in from a walk in the snow and she should be pretty pooped from the cold air. I even kept her up for a ful 4 hours between naps!

It's snowing and from my bedroom window, it looks so pretty! I should be cleaning the house right now, as it's a frightful mess. However, I need some time for me.

I've been thinking about me all day. That might sound a little self-centered, and it kind of is. They say motherhood changes you. Maybe it does, but I haven't had a second to think about it! I've been running nonstop for 7 months! A person can change a lot in 7 months, but I haven't even thought about it. I guess I really should, though. When people don't think about the fact that they've changed, they forget to look up and when they finally do, they've been changing for years and years and have no idea who they are anymore.
Andrew knows who I am. He watches me so closely, and he reminds me of what I like and what I don't like. But when you spend all day covered in someone else's bodily fluids, you tend to forget. Lucy keeps me SO busy. I don't even know what the newest songs are. I doubt I'd like them anyway...
Let's see. I like: Laughing in bed with Andrew after we brush our teeth, chocolate and milk, Dr. Karev from Grey's Anatomy, sunshine, soft blankets, the coffeehouse rock channel, driving on long car trips, inspecting Mom's house after I've been gone too long, talking to Nina on the computer, Suzzy's lovin', Lucy's smile, making dinner for friends, waking up to clean dishes next to the sink, Andrew and Lucy's secret-telling, the look on Andrew's face when he wakes me up on the couch, sharing a milkshake, stretching in bed when I get to sleep in, cookies, checking the mail, payday, holding hands in Church, roses, surprises and holiday commercials.
I hate: bad drivers, people who don't hold the door, cold showers, wet snow, cold dinners, re-runs, trashy women, drama and congestion. (Head congestion.) I also hate having cramps.
I'm tired of feeling like I've wasted a day. I've decided to take a step back from the message board I moderate. I'll still be moderating, but unless Lucy is dead asleep, I'm not posting on it. I have a life to live, a family to care for and a little girl who's growing up too fast. I need to put others first and take care of my own before I take care of the rest of the world. I'd rather have a clean house and a secure daughter than a recent avatar.

I have pics to post of Lucy in the snow, but I'll have to do that later. She really didn't know what to think! Oh, she learned how to whistle this morning. It was by far the cutest thing I've ever seen! I'm going to try to get it on video, but she really only does it when she's playing alone, which makes it very tricky! She ALSO took two crawling steps yesterday, but Andrew doesn't believe me. Suzzy was there, and she swears it's true! :-)

04 December 2007

Tuesday Again.

Well, Lucy just went down for her morning nap, and I cleaned hte house early this morning, so I have a little time to relax! She slept so well last night! She ate at 1:30, and that was it! Night before last was great too- with any luck this little spurt will last awhile!

We got a lot of snow! I think we got about 2 inches. I mean, it's not a LOT, but we haven't had any since March. weather.com says we're supposed to have 3-5 inches tomorrow, so I'm thinking we'll have about 7 inches or so.

I'm eating a Special K Protein Bar. Interesting. It tastes pretty good, but has a weird consistency.

Well, I guess I'll...take a shower now. I really have a very quiet day today. I'm going to finish Lil's blanket and play with my kiddo. However, we've read all of her books already! Andrew took the car, so hopefully we can come up with something fun to do later. Maybe we'll make a new tent or cook something.

03 December 2007

Chatty Baby!

Here's Lucy yakking with Mommy about this and that!

So Proud of Our LuLu!

Monday Already??

Where did our weekend go??? It's 6:40am and Miss Lucy is in her bed making noise. The wind was horrible all night long, so Andrew just left in the Escape, just in case the snow picks up and makes driving dangerous. And I have no milk.
Lucy slept SO well last night! We geared up for a night of crying it out, and the little angel went down at 6:30 and slept til 4. I nursed really well at 4, and she slept til 6:30! Go figure...why can't she just commit oneway or the other?

Let's see. Oh, our weekend. Friday was very nice. Oh BOY was it! I dropped Lucy off with Kristy and Xander, and she played happily until her daddy could pick her up after work. I had a very nice, quiet afternoon by myself. I worked on my cookies for the cookie contest, and Clarissa came over around 4. Andrew and Lucy got home around 4:30, and Lucy was all tuckered out! It was so cute seeing her strapped into Andrew's little red truck, snoozing to John Lee Hooker and riding with Daddy. Brian came over, and the 4 of us hung out and ate pizza. We played Apples to Apples FAR too late, and crashed around midnight.
On Saturday, we went to the Christmas parade and dropped my cookies at the cookie contest. The Storybook Holiday was just adorable. Since we live right in the middle of it, Lucy was able to get her naps in and still enjoy the day. Kristy, Erik and Xander came up for awhile to enjoy the fun. At 6:30, we went to City Place for the Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony and the cookie contest awards. It was a very nice ceremony. It's so nice living in this tiny little town. There was a little band and the Home and Garden Club made enough cookies for everyone to have cookies and hot cocoa after the tree was lit. They had a couple of nice prayers for a safe Christmas and the reason for the season, etc. A cute little boy lit the trees, and Santa came to visit.
I won the Kid's Choice Award, which was neat. They awarded me with an apron that says "Frostburg Storybook Holiday Cookie Contest Winner" and a $10 gift certificate to the Princess Restaurant. Now, $10 to any other restaurant wouldn't be nearly enough, but at the Princess, that's enough for a nice lunch for two and good conversation.
On Sunday we had a nice, relaxing day. We tag-teamed napping all morning and went to Mass at 12. After that we went to the Lang house for football. The guys babysat and I went to the mall to buy a new dress! I found the perfect one and I'm very happy!
We had a quiet night at home last night. We watched "Pictures of Hollis Woods" and I worked on a shirt. It was nice.
This morning...has already been very busy! Andrew is off to work in the Escape because we're having a windstorm and there's ice coming down now. Ugh. In other news, Lucy has started pulling up to standing! Wow! I'm a little blown away- I wasn't expecting it THIS soon, but I'm proud of her! No wonder she hasn't slept in a week! Last night was MUCH better, and I think this week will be much better for all of us!

29 November 2007

"I'm Gonna Beat You Up!"

Here is Lucy trying to feed me puffs. She thinks this is endlessly funny!

Lucy helping Mama test the lights for Christmas tree decorating!

So sparkly!

On Monday night, we all went to the tree lot to pick out the perfect tree! Lucy had had a very crabby day and was not into the whole thing, until we let her grab the branches.

Lucy tasting around for the perfect tree!
Our first real Christmas tree! (Yes honey, last year's counted, but it was only as tall as our 6 month old daughter.)

Lucy riding the mighty Fir!

Me, modeling the tree skirt.

Andrew trying to put the tree in the first stand...


It's so gorgeous!

Our beautiful star!
Lucy trying to grab an ornament. This lasted for 5 minutes and two "no nos." Now she doesn't even see it.

Happy Girl!

The finished tree, decorated in silver and gold! So pretty!
Today, Lucy and I are doing laundry. We spent the morning playing "I'm gonna beat you up!" Which involves Lucy lying on the floor and me yelling "I'm gonna beat you up with....kisses! I'm gonna beat you up with...nibbles! I'm gonna beat you up with...tickles!" and on and on. And she just lies there and screams with laughter while I proceed to "beat her up."
Now she is trying to nap and I really should be in the shower...hm.