02 October 2015

She's so Productive.

It's no secret that I really, really love beauty products. I'm trying to tone it down a little, but I just adore wonderful things. What I really love are incredibly expensive, hard-to-find products. But let's face it. Those days are on hold while I have five busy kids and very little time to plot, plan, dig and spend. 

So, here are my current favorites. They're all easy to find, and they're all fantastic. They're also all reasonably priced and life/kid friendly. 

So in the back row from L to R. NYM hairspray. Walmart, smells wonderful. TresSemme Nourishing Rituals oily stuff. Also at Walmart, also cheap. I don't do much with this other than stick my hair in a pony, rub this between my hands and slick it over the tail to calm down all my frizzies. Perfection. Pantene overnight creme. This stuff is amazing. I get it at Target and use it on the girls. Keeps tangles out for up to three days. Not that that's an admission of a major lack of bathing around here. Rock Your Hair root lift. THIS is one of my faves. I usually get it at Walmart and while it's almost $20 a can, it lasts a good long while AND it makes my hair just jump right up and wave to my friends. Aveeno BB moisturizer. It's fine as moisturizers go, and I'm good with aveeno anything on this gorgeous face. True Blue Spa hand cream. This is a Bath and Body Works product, but it's worth the trip. I also never buy a bigger tube because a tiny dab does the trick and the tube lasts about a year for me. 

Front row T to B. Heh. Crest Brilliance Boost. This stuff is super amazing for just boosting your teeth and making a little whiter for the day when you don't have an hour to do the whole whitening routine. 

Now. Maybelline 24 lip stain. No joke, friends. I put this on in the am and let it dry for five minutes. I cover it with Baby Lips Dr. Rescue and my lips are still rosy pink when I'm putting on my jammies. And guys, I may embellish from time to time, but lipwear is where I draw the line. 

And then you have your blistex ultra rich and Dr. Rescue. I don't have time to get into the drugstore eye makeup winners, but I'll be back. That's probably abrupt, but my man's going to walk through the door any minute! 

30 September 2015

Things I Love Because I'm a Mom. (Of many)

I love that Netflix just starts the next episode automatically, because there are some moments when I'm so tired I can't be bothered to even move my finger. Thanks, Netflix, for mustering that LAAAAAAST bit of energy when all I can do is whimper.

I love Sonic because they have corndogs. But you know what else they have? Shots of caffeine to add to any drink you order. They get me. They get that I live in Texas, where it is sometimes hotter than, well, anything. They get that it's just plain kind to offer caffeine in everything.

I love Pinterest. Mostly because I am just too damn tired to come up with anything to better my life. Thanks, Pinterest, for making us all look like winners.

I love velcro and 3M strips. So much. Velcro shoes, velcro cable straps, 3M strips for hanging even the unhangable. America. That's America.

Breakfast cereal.

Flavored quick-dissolve melatonin. Yesssss.

Who am I kidding? Flavored quick dissolve everything.

Smartphones. How did mothers stay sane before smart phones?!? No wonder generations past drank and smoked so much. Not like they had My Singing Monsters to love them back, right?

I'm done here. If I can't be bothered to hit "next episode" on Netflix, I sure as heck can't be bothered to keep typing.

28 September 2015

Max is scared.

Max is scared of scary things and not scary things.

He is scared of big things and little things. He is scared of quiet things and loud things. He is scared of things he knows he's scared of, and things that he doesn't know he's scared of. He's scared of 100% of the unknown, and 75% of the known.

Toilets. Rubber snakes. Real snakes. Car washes. Thunder. Rain. Lightning. Alive bugs. Dead bugs. Bugs who might die soon. Cars. Scooters that are moving. Scooters that are not moving. Holes. Darkness. The word "spider." Spiders that aren't just words. Paper crumpled into scary shapes. Shadows. Wind. Turning left. Anything Miles finds fun. Dogs. Cats. Animals with beating hearts. Pictures of animals. Bunnies. Fish. Climbing. Sunlight. McDonald's PlayPlace. Lint. (Because Lint looks like bugs.) Jumping too high. Kisses. Life. All of it.

When Max gets scared, he screams a scream unlike any scream in the entire world. Tonight he was washing his hands in the powder room and the door was closed and the toilet began running, and he FREAKED. The scream said, "I've been electrocuted by a leech that stuck it's leechy head out of the outlet." We ran as fast as we've ever run before and once we figured out it was the Fear Scream, our hearts returned to normal and we managed to pry him off Daddy's chest.

Somehow, even with his North Pole-sized list of fears, Max is the adrenaline junkie. I can't figure out if his adrenaline is kept in a constant a state of motion due to his fears, or if screaming in terror is just another way to feel the rush. He's the maniac of the two who's always running faster, hitting harder, screaming louder, laughing longer, and Miles is his faithful companion. What's crazy is how much Miles comforts him and works SO hard to make Max feel safe, even at 2.5. If Max is stuck in fear at the top of the PlayPlace, Miles hugs him until rescuers arrive. If Max is paralyzed next to the sandbox due to a potential bug sighting, Miles is running for Mama faster than Max can react. If Max is screaming in front of a rubber snake, Miles is the one dangling it in front of him. Brothers make the man, they say. Max is so afraid of rubber snakes that the kids actually beg me to buy them so they can "see if he's still scared." Mmmm hmmm.

Someday he won't be afraid of the toilet, or rubber snakes, or lint. But I won't get to hold him on my lap and cuddle it all away, either. Fear on, Max. Fear on.

27 September 2015

Guys, I hate to put this here.

Can I be real for a second?

Sunday donuts are pretty much what we live for all week. If you're decently behaved in Mass, donuts! Some say "church voice," my kids use their "donut voice." I wish I were kidding.

So the donut shop we went to today was voted 2015 "Best Donut" by the entire town. That gives you pause, doesn't it? We're about to hit Donut Jackpot. They even have a drive-thru! I order a dozen. Six chocolate glazed, two maple, four glazed. I also order two kolaches because if you to a place that makes kolaches and you don't buy those kolaches, you're at risk of losing your Texas residency and that's a risk I'm not willing to take. 

So she's super friendly and hands me a box that is...about 12x7x4. If you like donuts, you've already realized the problem. Read no further, comrade.

Here is the problem. These donuts are being handed to me on their sides, donut bottom touching donut glaze. WHAT IN THE HELL IS GOING ON, HERE!?! The world is tilting on it's axis, and my precious donut glaze is going to be hitting someone else's lips. SOMEONE who had to be freaking reminded to use their donut voice in Mass. They don't deserve my glaze, and no donut deserves that kind of disrespect.

And as for you, small town residents, how can I ever trust you again? If I go looking for the best taco in town, where am I going to end up?! Taco Bell?!